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  1. Thank you both for responding. mixed voice - connected vocal cords, mixing the chest, pharyngeal and head resonance while singing through the middle and upper range (above E4 for my voice) keeping the breath in the body - not allowing air to be pushed out, but rather using abdominal, back and intercostal muscles to aid vocal cords in resisting the air so much - a few weeks ago I went deeper into learning how important good cord closure is, before that I focused more on breathing and resonance on their own. That was before I realized good closure was something I was lacking that put everything neatly in place. torso muscles - abdominal, back and intercostal muscles 1. Yes, I am training with a vocal coach. I now understand a lot about technique and singing, but this was something I wasn't quite sure about so I searched for an answer here 2. Yes, I would say that.
  2. I recently discovered the importance of cord closure in singing. It made singing so much easier and accessing the mixed voice feels just so natural and good now. But, it kind of changed my view on breathing in singing. I don't understand if I should just focus on cord closure or actively focus on keeping the breath in the body with abdominal, back and intercostal muscles. Before I worked on cord closure so much, I would focus on what was happening with my torso muscles, but when I started developing good cord closure it all came naturally. My muscles would engage as they were supposed to do and I would feel it and I didn't worry about it. But sometimes, for example when I'm nervous, actively holding the breath with those muscles combined with focusing on good closure seems easier. Then again, at times I feel like I'm holding the breath a bit more than necessary - it doesn't hurt my singing, but I feel good closure could be achieved with less engagement. The question is: should I actively focus on holding the breath in the body with my torso muscles or is focusing on good closure enough?