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  1. Would love feedback on my singing !

    Thanks Robert! Thanks both of you for the generous feedback. Realizing that the examples I chose may not actually be my best work - glad you listed to something more recent, Robert! I will definitely start off watching some tutorial videos in the areas both of you have suggested. Cheers!
  2. Would love feedback on my singing !

    interesting: there is no second voice in Jar of Hearts, just an echo of my own voice. Thanks for the feedback! Guess I better get a vocal coach
  3. Would love feedback on my singing !

    Feel free to comment on whichever clip you would rather.
  4. Would love feedback on my singing !

    Hi there, I am new here, and was hoping to get some feedback regarding the areas of my singing that need the most work. I do not have much vocal training, but am generally regarded as having a "good voice". I want to improve the areas where I am lacking (pitch? power? tempo/rhythm? tone quality? how?), from a professional perspective! See my clips here: I realize there are a number of clips: Perhaps two representative ones would be Jar of Hearts and Perfume; the rest are less practiced.