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  1. When I sing I like to put an extreme distortion sound on for fun, and I think I've always been able to naturally do it. I have read about it being harmful if done incorrectly and not utilising the false vocal chords, so I am curious if I'm using my throat or not to produce the sound. It's not uncomfortable to do but If I do it quite strongly for a while my throat does feel somewhat dry / warm, so I tend to stop when that sets in. If I was to describe how I do it I'd say its like a screaming whisper but done in speaking voice. Here is a recording from me messing around online ruining peoples ears and then singing straight after without it (This is quite loud) http://picosong.com/pdpS/
  2. 22, Male - What do I need to do to improve?

    Hi Robert The wait is no problem at all, I have a Smule already so here is two I think are okay, although I still think they sound like your average karaoke singer. https://www.smule.com/recording/wilson-pickett-mustang-sally/713718466_1064059716 Here is a Coldplay cover I recorded on FL Studio with just me which I quite like but don't believe it's good enough to share as people say I can't sing. http://picosong.com/GGrp Thank you, I've always been able to naturally do that distortion without discomfort, I do wonder if it's done in healthy way though!
  3. Here is an A Capella recording of me singing pop and then a more rock style song, I also threw some random scales in at the end which is my current range, My lowest note is G2 and B4 is my highest comfortable note, highest possible one I can do with strain is D5, and only once I hit an E5 which surprised me when it came out! - http://picosong.com/rurW/. Recently I've been working on pitch by practising scales because it used to be really bad and now that I'm beginning to improve at hitting notes I am unsure what to work on next. When I listen to myself back sometimes I think it sounds more like talking then singing. I would appreciate some guidance because I can't stop singing now that I've begun, and I want to save peoples ears in the process. Thanks!