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  1. Alexander Kariotis Podcast & Vowel Modification

    Yes I agree. They're just describing words for sounds... no big deal. I dont know what Twang or quack is, I also dont know what Mix actually is and certainly have no idea what Vowel Register is. Even though they threw the terms Mix voice, Vowel register and Rock mix i think what Alexander was getting at and what Daniel gets at in some of his old vids... is just sing the vowel as it was originally sung. If Bruce Dickinson sing Run To The Hills dont sing RAAAAAAAHHHHHNNNN TAAAAA THAAAAAA HAAAAAHHHHls... The way Dickenson sang it is super difficult... it takes a alot of work to build whatever he had going on... the second one is like a bandaid... easy (well, easier) to shout but it's not really singing...
  2. Alexander Kariotis Podcast & Vowel Modification

    'I wonder why "mystery BB" has to be a mystery? Maybe it is just a way to troll anonymously and criticize other voice coaches without being "seen". I think that aspect of the content is a tad suspicious.' Maybe... i didn't get that vibe though. He only talks for maybe 1 min total in the hour podcast and was probably there for a lesson either before the podcast started and is friends with Alexander. If he wanted to troll and was a plant he would have mentioned coaches names, their methods, why they don't work, be real harsh... then it would have made a lot more sense if the guy wanted to keep his name quiet as a lot of coaches probably know who he is... I doubt it was contractual obligation though. He probably just didn't want people to know he got lessons... Maybe he is not even a rockstar singer... maybe actor, Broadway, comedian, session player, session singer... who knows. I think the Twang and Quack comment is far too insignificant to bring this much attention too. I only went back and looked for it when you bought it up, Jon Jon cant find it... it probably would have went by unnoticed.
  3. Alexander Kariotis Podcast & Vowel Modification

    It was an off the cuff comment that was 30 seconds long. Who knows how much money/time the guy spent trying to maintain his voice for tours only to have it fall apart a few days into the tour. To me it sounds like the old familiar story... searching for answers, getting charged god knows how much by the Ron Anderson's, Seth Riggs' of the world and effectively being being lied too... Well, 'Lied' is probably a little harsh as the coaches probably do their best. but it still sounds like they coached him through ignorant practices and it could have cost him a career. Even the tenor/Teacher Alex was talking about got led down the wrong path and his career shortened once he strayed from the Berton Coffin material. I cant imagine a career singer looking for answers on Youtube, Rockstar was most likely referring to his previous experience with voice coaches.
  4. Alexander Kariotis Podcast & Vowel Modification

    oh cool. i didnt know your roots were the same. sorry robert.
  5. Alexander Kariotis Podcast & Vowel Modification

    It would seem the terms come under the same category as Straws, Lip Burbles, soft palet raising, vowel modding and Count Chocularisms. The old Italian school doesn't give a shit about them.
  6. Alexander Kariotis Podcast & Vowel Modification

    I wish you posted more Daniel, either here or on Youtube. You're a goldmine. All Killer/No Filler. This Podcast is no exception. You all sound like genuinely great guys full of knowledge, Technique and fantastic voices. To Embody all three in your industry is a true rarity. Platinum standard.
  7. Singing in the car

    Practicing in the car is better than no practice. Very easy to start oversinging though... flatness, shouting... general bad habits.
  8. Oh ok. Other than teaching material, maybe its worth bypassing youtube and sticking short clips up on soundcloud. Especially with works in progress/smaller clips. There are far fewer trolls.
  9. I don't get it? I, in no way would criticise or even offer Critique to Robert. I would just be interested in hearing his voice type tackle such a difficult tune.
  10. Any chance of a short clip?
  11. He's amazing. Great pitch.
  12. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    It sounded ok. Ken Tamplin's thing becomes completely apart when it's a true live performance... his acoustic voice performances are abysmal. To me, that is where the ultimate vocal performance test is... no BS, no effects, one take... if we can't do that, are we really singers?
  13. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    My Theory regarding Ken Tamplin's compilation is he is a recording artist rather than a Live singer. There are multiple cuts even in that promotional video posted, who knows how many takes it took him to cut and paste the audio together. That probably applies to all the other YouTube guys posted as well. Live singers need to find the easiest possible way to do things so the you can get through multiple sets, hence why Dio sounds like he does. .i can almost garuntee Dio is not an overwhelmingly loud singer, just has great control and resonance. Imo there's a chance Tamplin is a shouter and would sound flat singing this material live.
  14. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    i don't know why that link has popped up three times.
  15. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    i didn't say i didn't like those singers, I said i don't think they are anywhere near as consistent as Paul Rodgers live. Paul Rodgers intonation is spot on. I think Rodgers has amuch better command of his upper mid range from notes E4-C5 (he makes it look very easy), I think his runs are tighter, his tuning better and his licks and musicality shine through live. I don't really care about Higher, Higher, Higher... I care about resonance, tuning, musicality and agility.