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  1. Help! I make funny faces when I sing. My nostrils kind of flare like I'm trying to get more air unconsciously or something, and my eyebrows contort in the weirdest ways, twitching with the words as do my eyes, and it just looks awful. Anyone know what's going on? I also feel like my mouth looks funny, it doesn't open as much as it should I think. But my face! It moves a lot! I have a naturally very expressive face, but when I see other professionals sing, they look so natural and not stupid! I'm not just being self-conscious. I don't have a voice teacher (would love to someday, but costs $$) and I just sing for fun. I used to be in a chorale in college but I feel like I never learned how to sing properly. My natural singing voice is very breathy and quiet, so I try to get more sound, and sometimes it works but other times I can feel myself straining and it's unnatural. Also my pitch is harder to control when I'm louder.