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  1. Progressively dry throat when singing

    You guys don´t understand the culprit of dryness. Chronic dryness in larynx or drier throat comes from malfunction or slight lesion to superior laryngeal nerve branch or vagus. From what I read it should be the internal laryngeal nerve which is a sensory branch of superior laryngeal nerve.Either way submucal glands above vocal cords in larynx are controlled neurally through superior laryngeal nerves. I get dryness after singing too quit soon, it mean that nerve is the problem. I get dry throat every single time upon waking up, and it is not hydration, enviroment, mouth breathing nor other nonsense. Dryness is clinically related to globus pharyngeus- lump in throat. There is a thread in one forum called " One way of explaining the globus phenomenon" where a very experienced ENT with 40 year long practice explaines how globus sensation comes from dryness in larynx. Once you have chronically drier throat - thick mucus is the result and swallowing comes with discomfort and sticky mucus. Excluding Sjogren syndrome or mucosal atrophy, chronic dryness is always nerve related and it impairs the voice in huge way. Guiafenesin is not bad, I haven´t tried for less than couple days so it is hard to judge the results. I havent resolved this problem, However as dryness is related to globus sensation, there is a chinese formula called Ban xia houpo tang, that is very effective for globus pharyngeus. In a couple of days I might receive my order of it , so I will write here later about how it will turn out. Another interesting idea would be to try low dose amitryptiline or baclofene. Still doing a research on what should be effective. Hydration will not cure dryness trust me, because if the nerve is even slightly dmamaged it permits the chemicals that dries laryngeal mucosa and they wouldn´t be normaly permited into mucosa. Also I have been researching the chinese herbs and others too.