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  1. Rest or Sing?

    Hi dear singing community. My basic question is - what's going on? Should I rest my voice or not? I am on my first year of singing with the goal of performing. I have earlier seen a doctor telling me my vocal cords are fine, and a speech therapist who showed me the phonation pipe technique which worked wonders on my talking voice. Recently I visited her again and she showed me that actually now I have to lower my volume when talking, not to tire it too much. This applies to my singing too. I have also been taking singing lessons with CVT-teacher which has been great. I now have my first rock gig in around a months time and do feel pretty nervous. Not only because it's the first time but because I'm mostly worried my voice won't hold or that I won't get time to practice cuz of what's troubling me. I've been having some troubles for 3 weeks now with soreness in the throat which prevents me from feeling okay enough to sing. My voice is not hoarse in any way, but I have clear sensations of the soreness. I think it started with a very mild cold, during which I sang, but the feeling now remains of something swollen or tight in the area above and inside larynx. I don't sense pain in the vocal cords. When I sing there's no problem in terms of how it sounds - nobody would detect something was wrong. I just wonder to myself what to do. Keep waiting / not singing / speaking as little as possible /do exercises to get rid of tensions, hum, eat garlic... Mentally relaxin and preparing... What would you do in my situation? Best, Berries