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  1. Nordic Being

    From the living room to the stage

    it is and it is only another thing to think about that could go wrong before you gig, do you think hearing your self through a PA system would make you sound flater or sharper?
  2. Nordic Being

    Warming up

    munks do a lot of low noted stuff which ant really singing anyway
  3. Nordic Being

    From the living room to the stage

    OK I understand what you are saying now MDEW, but this should not effect the singer pitch while on stage as they should of built up enough muscular memory doing it at home
  4. Nordic Being

    From the living room to the stage

    MDEW are you saying the a PA system will alter the pitch?
  5. Nordic Being

    About whistle notes.

    I am sorry I do not know what U.H stands for!
  6. Nordic Being

    About whistle notes.

    as far as I recall on both your answers yes! but I will keep an eye on it the next time I have time to have a go at it. Thanks **edit** the sirens I was doing with out lip trials was all chest voice
  7. Nordic Being

    About whistle notes.

    But this dose not work when we change modes from say breathy-whimppy-winy- call-sound
  8. Nordic Being

    About whistle notes.

    Hello MDEW I have spent many many hours over days over weeks over months doing sirens on lip trials and despite what I have been told in person by old teachers; I still can not work out the point of lip trials!
  9. Nordic Being

    About whistle notes.

    I used to practice lip trials on a siren. starting from as low to as high as I can go and back down again. Got to G#-A5 and that was it; but then until something strange happened and I had the muscular ability to squeal the notes much higher like the sound of a pig. And I did check it on my pitch monitor and I was squealing upto Bb6. After more attempts at playing this pointless game I was then able to open my mouth when I got to that pig'ish high sound and just make one noice. This is as far as I bothered go as this seamed to be a pointless time wasting exersize. But I can only think that this is how I discovered whistle tone There are pointless time wasting exersises out there on youtube with vocal coaches claiming to be coaches that have had no formal training them selfs and so on. And I have had many teachers train me to the stage that I am at now but non of them wanted to think never mind talk about the term whistle tone! hum wonder why
  10. Nordic Being

    Backing tracks wanted

    Hello there I am looking for some good quality backing tracks (professional use). What I have see about are some poor quality karaoke tracks, that the recording is not of the same quality and parts are missing from the original track and some have a computer generated voice that we definitely do not want. So any recommendation please?