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  1. A voice change can indicate a problem of the vocal health. It can range from cold to allergies and even vocal cord cancer. Here are a few voice changes that can indicate a certain problem: 1. Raspy voice- This voice is caused due to the growth of vocal cord nodules. The prominent reason of this is due to the misuse and overstraining of the voice. It is important that in order to maintain the voice, one should take singing lessons at a certified vocal school. 2. Hoarseness of voice- This kind of voice can be a symptom of throat cancer, thyroid cancer, lime disease, or brain tumors which are caused due to excessive smoking. Therefore, it is important that one must not smoke and live a healthy life. 3. Nasal voice- It is also known as hyponasal which is typically caused by deviated septum which can cause cold and chronic allergies. Therefore, it is necessary that one should properly maintain the vocal health. Maintaining the vocal health is very necessary to avoid any problems in the near future. Therefore, one should not strain the voice unnecessarily and take help of a professional to keep the vocal health maintained. ---------------------- I am Music Tutor, I like to motivate people to join music, and make a brilliant career in singing. Please share your experience. ------------------- Vocal School San Jose | Voice lessons san jose | Voice Classes san jose
  2. What song have you been addicted to lately? For me, it's this song: Another Life by D'angelo. Came out officially 7 months ago. I've been listening to it ever since, and it's almost been an everyday thing. Even made the 3rd chorus my ringtone, and I end up singing along every time my phone rings What about everyone else? What song have you been listening to a lot lately?
  3. Hey guys I'm going to be producing a weekly vocal tip video series starting end of January. Honestly I've never really watched any of these type of series and was wondering if there were any topics people wanted covered. If it's something I have experience with I will be happy to oblige. Thanks so much.
  4. Hello I am not a professional singer but have been singing for about 10 years now, I usually sing for about an hour a day. I sing in a mix of chest and head voice and am female, 27 years old. I try to do vocal warmups regularly but my motivation to do so is low because I have never noticed any improvement either short or long term. The one thing that consistently seems to give me a great voice is having been on a night out the night before. I.e. being hungover, having smoked cigarettes and not had much sleep (and probably having done a lot of shouting). This is bizarre to me for obvious reasons. I cannot think what would cause my voice to improve (better pitch, more smooth) from doing the above and would love to understand so I can hopefully find a way of achieving the same effect without damaging my voice. Thanks in advance for your help, Hanne
  5. Steven Tyler just gets better and better..... He's probably a god or something or maybe Satan him self.
  6. Hello! My buddy and I are starting a band and current plan is to place me in the role of the vocalist. His idea, but I didn't protest since I was always interested into singing, just never got around picking it up. Problem is, I never sang seriously, only under the shower or influence. So I'm hoping for some tips from the youtubes and forums, as I can't afford a vocal coach. For starters I have a few questions. I'm 25, is that too old to do anything significant with my voice? Of course, it's just a band we'll blow off some steam through, but I'm curious since I noticed that all the vocal schools (those things that have a summer or winter programs, but it's something I could financially survive) have an age limit, and you guessed it, 25 is already over that limit. Now the infamous rasp question. We plan to do rock, and at some point in the further future I'd really like to learn how to add that sexy distortion to my voice. I know I'll never get to the level of Michael Starr (my favourite singer, from Steel Panther), but I'm actually worried if I'll be able to do it at all. I noticed majority of rock singers who usually heavily rely on rasp have naturally raspy voices, and I noticed that most of them seemingly can't do a clean falsetto without it sounding "crackled", for the lack of a better word. I ,on the other hand, have an insanely clean voice, and even things like throat clearing is very mild compared to how my friends sound when doing similar growling sounds that are done in every day life. I can imitate their level of growliness in such things, but it feels really unpleasant, and unlike them I feel it for good couple of seconds, if all of this makes any sense. Does that mean that I possibly can't develop a rasp at all? If it's possible, is there anything I can incorporate into the beginner's exercises for breathing and singing that could prepare me a little to make it easier when I do start figuring out the rasp thing? Third question is a falsetto questions. I don't have a high speaking voice, but I can do a fairly high falsetto, and it feels easy for me. I use it very often at home cause I'm stupid like that I fool around mimicking a female opera singer while I cook, or entertain my girlfriend with the Bee Gees' Stayin Alive almost every day because she loves it lol. However, I recently read several statements on the net about how excessive usage of falsetto can be harmful for the voice. Is that true or bull? I became slightly worried because I've been doing that for years now. XD It's really tricky to figure out what's true and what's not, because for every info I find on the net, there's also tons of contradicting information on it. Anyways, thanks for reading, cheers!
  7. let's continue our discussion of steve perry. clearly, in a class by himself. (for earlier posts related to this discussion, please see the "i nominate urgent" post.)
  8. I thought I'd post an official review my singing thread for my new EP "Blink of an Eye" available on all major music platforms. What are your thoughts? What do you like? what do you not like? whats your favorite song? iTunes Spotify
  9. Hi, I don't know whether it is due to fact that I am a bass baritone, it seems that I have problem accessing F4 and above. I feel my voice is much more grounded and in control when I am accessing notes that are below F4. I just want to give some try to determine how high I can actually hit by singing head voice. Unfortunately, my voice will start to crack into falsetto when I want to sing F4 and above. So, what I do is I try to push my diaphragm upward and at the same time I will "lean" on my voice to regulate the pressure, hoping to reach the right pressure for F4. However, it sounds screamy and I feel that my diaphragm has to "jump" in order to reach F4 and above. Am I doing it correct? Is this a correct sensation of singing high notes? Thank You.
  10. Hello everybody! My name is Moe. I'm 23 years old and I just developed a passion to sing. Thing is, I don't even know one tiny bit about how to start over. Can you guys help out a brother? Is it even possible to learn to sing in my age? Is it too late? Where can I start? Thanks.
  11. Hey so i've been singing for about 12 years now never had lessons sadly as i could never afford them. i'm 20 years old and i'm wanting to do music as a career either teaching with gigs on the side or just straight up gigging if i'm good enough for it. I have a few videos on my facebook page @ I ask my friends and family for their feedback on my singing but its always been yeah you're good which is just frustrating because good is never enough and it's not as detailed as i would like to know. i can take the most brutal criticism so dont hold back i really need to hear it! I would like every small thing i do wrong pointing out and advice on what to work on if possible! Look forward so seeing the reviews! Kind Regards Connor Sydney Hodgson
  12. hi folks, i thought it might be fun to start a topic where we share video snippets of vocals that have mezmerized us. whatever you'd like to share...not the whole song, just a small section i.e., an ultra-high note, an incredible trill or run, a long note, a fabulous scream or growl .....something out of the ordinary, preferably live.....not a studio gimmick or get the idea. i thought i'd start off with one live where power and intensity is combined with a littte wiggle that really moved me. it starts at 3:20 and ends at 3:39, when he stands on the monitor and sings the 2nd phrase "open up the door" that little wiggle at that power level for me was a "magic moment." i hope you will share your's as well.
  13. Folks, This is not meant to be mean or to poke fun at singers. In this case it just happens to be Bobby Kimball of Toto fame. It's just a video that points out that even the greats have off nights and that we need to be understanding of it in ourselves and in others. This section is just plain challenging for any vocalist, especially in a full TA dominant production. As you can hear, Bobby is just unable to get those notes on that day (1:25 to 1:35). If you try to put yourself in his shoes you have to just bounce off of it like it never happened and move on. I know he's had hearing issues as well lately. As they say, the show must go on. I know for myself, I need work in this area where after the show I'm not beating myself up over some mistake.
  14. Hi Folks, This video really highlights all of the style and skill inside M.J.'s vocals. I thought it would be enlightening to hear, study and digest. All the little embellishments and techniques he used, some exclusive to only him. It's a great resource if you want to tackle that one and cover it well. Vocals begin around 46 seconds in.
  15. i decided to take jen's idea for a dedicated lou gramm thread, so i started one here. please use this specifically for anything pertaining to lou gramm. thanks folks. and thanks in advance for putting up with all my frequent posts about!!
  16. Hi, I'm just another guitarist who decided to give it a shot with singing on my own. I know that this is very raw and need work(recorded on my old phone),I'd still like to get your very honest opinion+feedback on my color voice and performance for the 2 covers. Life on mars: Blue suede shoes: Thanks,
  17. hello! first time here and i just wanted to hear you guy's opinion on the matter of learning sing. im a really, really bad singer and i have so many questions. firstly, i have always wanted to be able to sing good, at first, i thought i did, i mean, it all sounded good to me while i was singing....then i tried singing while plugging one ear, and dang, what i heard was completely different from what i thought i sounded like, by miles lol. i then recorded myself and it got even worse! this is when i accepted the fact that i could not sing and gave up. so now i would like to know if singing is something you can learn on your own or do you have to be born with it? i am 25 years old, is it to late for me to learn to sing? please do not tell me its possible if i dedicate myself to it and keep practicing, this is the generic answer found all across google and this helps me with nothing. i need to know if a truly horrible singer like myself can learn to sing like a pro, and by pro i mean someone who is truly a amazing singer and is famous for it, and makes a living doing it. i do not want to be famous or rich, i only want to learn to sing for self satisfaction, i think it would be amazing if i could sing good. im so bad at singing that if i were to hum a tune, you would never be able to comprehend what song i was humming, yes, my singing is that bad. so what is it that seperates a good singer from a bad singer? i mean, what exactly is a good singer doing differently when compared to a bad singer? what is the cause of it? is it all about singing on note or pitch? is there a difference between singing off note and off pitch or are they both the same thing? if i manage to learn how to sing on note and pitch, will that alone make me sound like a good singer or is there more variables involved? is there a certain way i should change the sound of my voice to make it sound more pleasant or is singing on note and pitch good enough? is it the transition between notes and pitches that defines your singing ability? i think i may have the strangest issues with my voice then anyone else, for instance, some parts of certain songs i can sing a lot better then all the rest of the song and some songs i sing way better then others, hell, i actually sound really good on certain parts of songs, i mean really good, almost the exactly the same as the original artist, sadly, this only happens on a few parts and usually only last for a few words or phrases, then " poof" the pleasant singing vanishes as fast as came o.0 see, i have a really deep voice, its very, very deep, so much so that i have never heard anyone that has a deeper voice then me, even that guy known to have the "deepest voice in the world" pales in comparison to the deepness of my voice, no lie lol. so the worse part of all this is that there is a certain type of music that i can indeed sing a lot better then all the music.......this would be great normally, but it turns out i flippin hate country! country is literally in the top 5 types of music that i just plain out hate with a passion, i rather go without singing if it meant being able to sing only country....FML! is these type of issues common? is there anyway i can "fix" my singing voice?
  18. What is bad in my voice? Ive been singing for a year and a half and still cant say whether my voice is good or bad.
  19. Musical memory refers to the ability to remember musical notes, chords, melodic content and other progressions of tones or pitches. The musical memory constitutes an independent part of the phonological loop. Follow these Simple Tips to Develop Your Musical Memory: Analyze the structure –It is important to create a mental map of the musical piece. It helps you to stop from getting lost when playing. Without a good knowledge of the overarching structure of a musical piece, you won’t be able to create a mental map. Listen to expert performances – Learn from the performance of your favorite artist and understand the architecture and nuances of music. Try playing by ear – listen to a tune and try to work out the notes by ear to improve your auditory memory. Work on small musical Pieces – learn to play a short piece from memory, rather than playing the whole piece together. Break-down difficult passages – hard bits need more work than easy bits. Try to practice more on hard bits, use step-by-step learning method. For some instruments, working on hands separately can be useful. Focus on music not technique – the technical skills required to play a piece are achieved through physical repetition. Pay attention to small details of musical notes to focus on l musical aspects such as auditory, structural, visual, emotional, etc. Practice in your head – Mental rehearsal to develop auditory and visual memory is important in Voice classes San Jose. Practice frequently and regularly – Playing a piece from memory requires regular attention. Work on short sessions during the day can help. Practice playing from memory – the more you play from memory, the easier it gets. The key is to practice. --------------- Please share your personal experience in musical memory. --------------- Vocal School San Jose | Voice lessons san jose | Voice Classes san jose
  20. HI. I suffered of an eating disorder since I was 9. Im in recovery now and doing very well, but my body is still healing and I still have health problems. I used to purge and I know this dameges vocal cords. I wanted to know if anyone know how I can heal my vocal cords. thank you
  21. Hi! Today I sang "Nu tändas tusen juleljus" (at least Swedes know this carol) with my vocal teacher. She was very keen on me not even looking at the sheet music when singing. It's like I should not analyse much other than being aware of octave jumps (which is fifficult). How would you analyse it? Would music theory be of no particular help here? What are your thoughts? The melody:
  22. Howdy! I am singing this song and wondered if blues notes (blue notes) is used in this or similar songs? It's used in white American folk music but do we bother about it in this type of country songs?