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Found 16 results

  1. Hi... this song is about one little, but important, part of my life! :-) I hope you'll enjoy it and look forward to receiving your feedback.
  2. Hello everybody,   My name is Alessandro, but everybody calls me "Ale". I'm from Italy, 38 years old and work as a teacher in a primary school of Asti, the town where I live.   So I am not a professional singer, but I have been studing music and singing technique for some time so far. I love singing and, actually, music has always been a way to feel alive for me and to fight against all those pain-in-the-nek things that you happen to live in your life, you know.    I am very excited to post my first song here. I have been thinking for some time and really couldn't make a decision on which of my recorded covers or original pieces could have been the best one to represent me... but then I just ended up with "She Will Be Loved", simply because it's recent and I simply like singing it.    I really thank you so much for dedicating some time to my voice and I realy hope you will drop me some lines to give me your opinion about it.   
  3. Chapman123

    New Folk Song I wrote

    Recording quality isn't as good as others I've done because the mic was too close to the guitar, but you can still hear my voice well enough. It's a very soft song. I'm quite proud of this song because I've, as far as I know, invented a new guitar tuning. EAD(or G)CFE
  4. Chapman123

    Please Critique My Vocals

    Here's a cover I did.   Be Brutal. 
  5. I think I can do better and I'll probably try it again later but what are your thoughts ? Jackson C.Frank was surely a folk and blues genius.
  6. I tried to write a more unsettling song but I'm not sure if my voice and the guitar are blending well or if just sounds awkward, any input? BTW, these are just some of the songs I might include in a future demo album, I have some more which I won't upload to soundcloud but I'm seeking some opinions on these songs to determine whether or not I should have them on the cd. haha I did forget, sorry  
  7. memolina91

    Labrinth - Jealous

    Labrinth is one of my favorite artist, so much respect for him. When I heard this song, I fall in love. I think the words are so powerful and emotional...and as I think you have already know, I love the emotional, passion, sentimental songs. So I decided to cover it! Hope you like it!  Thank you, Memi. ❤ '>  
  8. Hello!   This is a song I wrote called Moments, I would really like some feedback and creative criticism on my singing and the song, My guitar is still a work in progress but it's getting better!    This is the link to my video:  '>   I hope you can take sometime to watch it and tell me what you think!   Any and all feedback helps!!! Please and Thank you!     
  9. Chapman123

    Song I Wrote Last Night

    I was listening to some Jackson C.Frank and his sound inspired me to write this song. It's a very rough recording but I'll appreciate everyone's thoughts. Some of the phrasing needs to be cleaner and the guitar in some areas polished but I think it's an interesting track. Currently I have 5 songs on the album but I'm now considering adding three more because I still think there's a little more to say. I might throw in the good recording of this one in  and two other songs which I will record the demo of soon. Here's the demo
  10. Chapman123

    My New Song - Catchy one :P

    I've finished my album now, here's the last demo song. The good recording is finished but I'll save that for the album. Tell me what you think of the demo version? 
  11. It's a rough take for sure, I'll have to re-record it all better, but what do you think?  The diction is really bad in the recording, I'll fix that in the next recording .  I
  12. Here it is, check it out. I tried to turn things around a little bit with this one. 
  13.  I think I may have enough songs to record an Album now or at least a Demo Album...I'm going to start working on that. I like the concept of this one, but there's something not right...I don't know what it is. Perhaps it's the guitar after the first couple of verses. I'm thinking I might need a guitar introduction at the beginning so it's not so rushed and maybe not switch the keys as much- what do you think?   
  14. I'm back again with a new song I've written. 
  15. Artist Anthony Flake

    Cover Song of Josh Groban ..You raise me up

    Could someone give me a review on my singing this song...
  16. Sorry for the poor recording quality, it's not finished yet .