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Found 3 results

  1. Can no longer push...?

    So I'm experiencing this new(ish) thing... I've been doing a lot of sirens and oohs and EEs up from my chest to my head voice and back down. I tell ya, if I ever have to sing a song where the only words are "You Fool Me", I will be styling! While I wait for that song to turn up - I've noticed where I USED to be able to kind of squeeze and push (right around A) things in my throat COMPLETELY shut off and it will no longer work. I can no longer PUSH THROUGH or Muscle Through stuff. Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna be a pushy (read that last word carefully kids!) singer, but there have been times when I've been in the middle of a gig and had to push to make it through. In fact there are a few songs where I need a bit of muscle like that behind it in spots. Not to hit the note, but to get the effect the original singer has. What I'm finding is that if I lighten up my air and don't push, I make it with minimal effort, but it's a different and not tight voice (good). However, it's not a big voice (bad). Just to reiterate- I don't want to have to push to get notes, however, there are times where that tightness is good for affect and can help as long as you don't ride that all night. AND I'd also think that by doing things with the head voice that it wouldn't mess up my upper chest voice. It's like my head voice is saying "DOOD, you need to go easy here... ooh! it's saying "You (Can't) Fool Me" - damn, so close to my hit song.... So my question to you all is - after you've worked and worked on your head transition and sirens, etc. do you notice that you cannot push any longer in your transitional area without basically shutting things off? Basically, that you can't take your chest up to that part of your range without it giving you issues and kind of shutting you down.
  2. Hi to all,   This is my first post so hello to everyone, I joined this group as I sing in the rock band and I have some daughts about my voice. Problem appears in the morning ( every morning my voice is weaker than night before when I sing strongly and high.), also next day after band rehearsal or gig my voice isn't strong enough to let me sing the same set of songs. I would like to be able to sing like three gigs day by day without a break.. If my throat wasn't strong I wouldn't say anything but I'm capable of singing some Toto or Queensryche songs but next day it's impossible to repeat the same gig... Any advices guys? Thank you very much for any help... Greg
  3. Please participate in this poll... this "Poll" post has been opened up for discussion as well...   That statistic on warming up is interesting.... almost 50/50.