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Found 49 results

  1. Hi Folks, This is one of my favorite songs. I posted a version earlier, this is after I did some work on my musculature. Now I am able to retain more of the muscular sound even on my high notes. The verse as many will attest is one of James La Brie's finest performances. It has taken me several years to reach this level. For now happy with the outcome. Thanks to anyone who drops in a sentence or two..
  2. Hello, I have been learning the various voice registers & applying to this song. Any suggestions on where to improve would be greatly appreciated, i.e. Do it sounds like one voice? or not yet? Love & peace
  3. So here is my cover of Steelheart's I'll Never Let You Go. Let me know what you think of it. I do accept all sorts of criticism regardless of whether it's positive and negative. Any suggestions or tips on how to improve I would greatly appreciate it!
  4. Open Arms(Work in progress)

    Hi Folks, This is a song that I have wanted to sing for a very long time. This is as you all know, an incredibly difficult song on the passagio. I don't think I sound anything like Steve, so it makes it way more difficult for me. It is a bit of a Mount Everest for me this song This is a work in progress version. There are some pitching issues, please ignore. I am curious to hear what you think about my tone in the chorus Thanks to anyone who can drop in a few words
  5. Confidence issues and weak attack on lower register/ stronger upper register? Advice please folks?
  6. Hi Folks, It has been a very long time since I posted. I have made some jumps in my technical skills and so thought I should post a song again. This actually I did about 2.5 years ago. Unfortunately I don't have the older recording to do a Before-After comparison. but the old version was around the time when I started to learn to bridge but had still not learnt how to smoothly connect to the chest voice. I had lot of issues then with nasality and "Quacky" sound. I think since then I have addressed some of them. One thing that I would like to share in my experience is how important it is for us singers to keep pushing the boundaries every single time. When you become better in singing, it reflects not only in your ability to do tough songs at an acceptable level, but it really improves the way you can sing "simpler" songs..
  7. Hello Modern Vocalist World! I just wanna thank Robert Lunte for his labor - the secret is revealed. For I was searching, trying, doubting... And finally TVS. So practical, exact explanations, awesome! Here I am singing and playing on this video: Vinni
  8. @ronws said a while ago my voice reminded him of Peter Cetera, so with that in mind I sang this. Sits pretty high the whole way through so I tried to lighten up, twangify and keep the sound bright as much as possible. Any and all feedback welcome.
  9. Is my register connected?

    How you see i go to the Bb2 to the D5 at least, but it's connected my register? I leave the link below link: Test Sound
  10. I Will (The Beatles) Cover

    Dear All, I recently did a cover of I Will by The Beatles, with the attached Soundcloud link as follows: Your comments and review are absolutely appreciated. Thanks all! Regards sincerely, Tim
  11. I've been training with the foundation building routine religiously for the past week and I'm phonating really great sirens with Embuchore and larynx dampening. But during the sirens there seems to be two routes my voice can take as it rises in frequency. One route is into an airy falsetto, the other is a more stable chesty/twangy sound that I'm now able to carry up to b#4. My question is which route do I take? Am I pulling chest? Is that bad?
  12. Well, first of all Hi everyone im from Chile and how its say in title i need your help, i really wanna know what is my vocal register... i mean im a tenor? im a baritone? bass? you can note, can you tell me what my vocal range based on the audio attached ? what is my colour, etc, and an opinion about the music would be very well received. That's all I gonna waiting for your answers Listo.mp3
  13. Okay I've been training with Brett Manning's programs for about 3 years now. Got better but I'm frustrated with my vocal range. A vocal range upto A#4 is all I want for my singing. I'm a Tenor. So I've been hearing these concepts related to high notes. What I've realized is that people refer to the same thing by saying stuff like yawn, lift soft palate, cry and support. Also is the 'cry' necessary to hit the high notes in full voice cuz it sounds weird to me when I keep a cry on my notes. What are they doing? Singing in mix? Belting? Also would that be more towards SLS or classical typa technique. 2nd Thanks!
  14. "Woman" John Lennon Karaoke Cover

    True to the original, not taking many liberties. Double tracked vocals and distinct nasality. Dedicated to an elusive lady in my own life.
  15. A song that everyone knows. It's a bit out of my range at parts but still fun and manageable enough considering the relative low passages throughout most of the song. I suppose it's stuff like this I should be posting as it demonstrates my singing in a range where I'm learning to improve on.. any advice or criticisms are appreciated. *the volume is pretty loud so keep your speakers down, or it may blast you lol
  16. Chicago is so two years ago

    I want to do a good cover of this song, I have fun with it and it allows for plenty of creative expression but the high notes are hard to transition into. I can feel a higher register opening up but transitioning and varying support/commitment seems to be holding me back. first take posted (Chicago 2) has more belting and less transitioning, whereas the second take has more transitioning and less belting.
  17. Hello, again! Here you have my maximum ability. Head voice, chest voice and mix, all in the same song. Unfortunately i have too much of the pharyngeal voice in the verses (sorry, but i have sang too much Judas Priest). What do you think?
  18. working on a chorus for a song. The chorus is in D minor and the highest note in the chorus is C5 So I can SORT of ease into the c5 note but its really shaky. Naturally if its doubled and heavily processed it sounds almost legit lol Here is the doubled/processed vox in the chorus snippet: (btw, be forwarned, there is a flat5 note featured lol) Now, here is the BARE vx, no compression, no nothing. This is each half of the doubled chorus put back to back. The first time thru was the first one I sang and it was a little better. The 2nd time thru was a little rounded off So essentially I am trying to hit a C5 on the "o" in "open" and on the "uh" in "love" Here is me JUST hitting those 2 syllables: And to show the struggle, here is one that cracked: So lets have some good discussion on how these sound as is, how I can best train for them to be WAY better for comparison here is a nice B4 by Joe Lynn Turner, obviously im miles from this but this is sort of a goal to aim at: Also any discussion on the mechanical aspect of the cracked note. Physiologically, what broke down there? (and thus, what does the training focus need to be)
  19. The Garden (original)

    The Garden Another of my hastily done originals with scratch guitar and the standard pitchy vocals and trite lyrics....then again it's 100% autobiographical. Some slight 90s influence The bass was done at the last 2nd just to have a bass on the track...some of its a little iffy Cool song though? worth polishing? The guitars will have to be redone. The little lead at the beginning clashes with the rhythm because its the same exact tone (nvmnd old strings) For the middle section I have lots of Robert Plant/Beatles psychedelia planned, Lord willing Oddly enough, the main thing I am learning is how important mic positioning is lol. Sometimes u gotta get right up ON the mic...or about a foot away Enjoy
  20. Going by GneeTaps suggestion, I wrote a chorus only today. Worked numerous hours for an 11 second snippet lol. workflow was along these lines: 1) Drums programmed yesterday 2) Started writing melody in D...starting on the highest note and working down. Starting note is (supposed to be anyway lol) a G#4 which is the flat5 in the key of D 3) started putting down a few scratch guitar parts using practice amp 4) sort of bounced back and forth between finalizing the melody and changing the guitar to fit better 5) Sang all the lead VX 6) Layered all the BGV. 4 separate lines, all doubled. It gets a little into the Eagles/Queen/Boston/Yes vibe 7) Redid all the guitar parts (still just used practice amp though). 2 main parts, both doubled 8) added bass 9) mixed....while falling asleep about 10x Anyway, let me know how it sounds. if nothing else its pretty interesting Here are all the various parts....pretty trippy hearing the layered vocal track by itself Full snippet Rhythm Track Full vocal tracks Lead Vx only, definitely at the top end of my range BGV only, 4 separate parts, each doubled (see if u can pick out the parts) Enjoy
  21. essentially trying to learn to bridge etc. Not sure how much bridging is happening but for sure I can feel the benefit of doing some glottal attacks and trying to feel resonance up on my soft palate etc When picturing the song was thinking of Lynyrd Skynyrd but nothing I do will ever sound like LS lol.....I ended up going for a sort of Mick Jagger bratty vocal style on the verse compression/delay/tube distortion/rev etc used on vocals verse not doubled (but delayed etc) the 1 prechorus is obviously doubled chorus is obviously doubled and delayed etc etc. Usually I double and leave both doubles about the same volume to where it sounds chorusy....on the chorus I kept one double a little quieter a VERY scratch demo. , no bass, , no bgv, only 1 guitar track..gaping holes where solos and vocal banter should be. Some nice spots left for Whole Lotta Love type improv. Guitar will have to be redone etc..ending patched up. I forgot to edit out the cymbal count in lol enjoy
  22. Okay, so I think im getting some bridging going here. I have NOT been training (due to life drama) but I have been doing some belting and head voice stuff at work for the last couple days. I was working on singing some Badlands and whereas usually when I hit the high notes I just flip to unconnected reinforced falsetto but today I worked on trying to keep it connected. Once I felt I was hitting a decent connected head voice note, the "bridging" was automatic. I think thats why I struggled with it before,,,,I was trying to bridge up but there was nothing to bridge TO since I wasnt used to hitting "connected" head vocie notes. Anyway, its pretty raw still. like I said, I havent been training so the onsets are iffy, volume fluctuates etc. The high C is REALLY iffy. There is some goofing off going up or down multi octaves Track and release up octave sirens GABC Glottal Attack down octave sirens GABC So, technically, this is bridging, correct? lol
  23. Hi all, been a while Here is a nice little "one day wonder" I threw together the day before a friends birthday. Im mostly just sharing it to be sharing a super heavy critiques needing because I havent been singing AT ALL since January due to personal life drama (hence the song.) So there is no technique shown at all in the song lol. Just a basic beginner voice that obviously has to work around a huge vocal break. There is zero bridging happening lol. I cant complain because, as I said, I havent had the mental focus to do any practicing since like mid January Im not terribly disappointed with the singing but its nothing special either. I do despise the 3rd verse "you are the one" can hear that it was a struggle and needed another take. Unfortunately I knew I was pressed for time and ended up burning the midnight oil and got 2 hours of sleep before work the next day lol. Other than that some of the diction isnt super clear (partially because im from Virginia and thats how we talk lol)...assuming maybe im missing some pharyngeal resonance? Sometimes it sounds to me like im singing against a low pass filter lol..or singing while holding my nose If I were a REALLY focused and dedicated guy, id like to develop my voice into a strong old school rock type voice but also add in some of the nice soulful melismatic touches here and there. I touched on that in the bridge in this song but (obviously) I dont have it developed very much. Side note for your enjoyment. For whatever reason I was having crazy upper stomach/diaphragm cramps all day long (choked down my breakfast way too fast). I know Steely Dan said "I cried when I wrote this song" but I LITERALLY was in tears right when I got into laying down the vocal tracks. I had to lay across the bed in pain a couple times and I almost just blew the whole thing off but I HAD to finish it that day. It is what it is I guess. The drum track was programmed a few days earlier and most of the lyrics were written the day before. I say it was a "one day wonder" because when I started that morning I had no chords, no key (I was planning to do it in C but it ended up in A) and no vocal melody. So I wrote it, played guitar, bass and sang, and mixed it that same day. Unfortunately thats how I tend to work. The thought I had at the start was to go in a sort of jangly Beatles direction but it didnt really come out that way. With all that being said, here ya go. Enjoy....