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Found 17 results

  1. Vocal fremitus and other issues

    I have had an ongoing problem for the past year. It started when I sang too harshly at rehearsal last October and lost my voice. It was slow coming back, during which I basically had no falsetto, and started seeing an ENT. I was diagnosed as having acid reflux and post-nasal drip. I also took allergy medication. The meds did nothing and I eventually stopped taking them. My voice was not getting better, I could no longer scream, which I used to be able to do extremely easily. I've also had headaches every day and a weak, fragile voice, even when talking. It feels crackly and when I try to sing higher in my chest voice, it feels tight and weak. During the summer another complication developed when I sing my falsetto, which I can describe as the sound Chewbacca makes, but coming from my vocal cords. Sometimes it's even a nasty wheeze, a lot of the time no sound comes out, just air. I have to push really hard for any sound to come out. Shortly after I developed this complication I started taking my acid reflux meds again. I've been seeing a different ENT for the past couple months now and he looked in my throat: I have no nodules or anything; in fact he said other than some acid reflux, which has been actually been getting BETTER, my throat looks fine. He said that weird Chewbacca sound is fremitus. He told me to not talk or anything for a week, and that should do it. I ended that week of vocal rest a few days ago and everything is still the same: that weird vibrating, the headaches, the shortness of breath, and my voice giving out when I try to sing higher notes. Even with low notes it often cracks. I've also been having difficulty speaking, I have to push really hard to speak. A few months ago I saw a vocal therapist; she ended our sessions early because it was obvious that my technique was fine and nothing was changing. I've been doing singing vocal exercises for a while, and I had instruction from a vocal coach for 2 months. My technique is good. I just have no idea what is wrong with me at this point, it's been just about a year. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. I will attach an mp3 of that weird Chewbacca sound I'm talking about with my falsetto. IMG_6189.mp3
  2. Can't find my falsetto

    I've got this slight problem with my voice, and thought I'd get your guys opinions on it. Basically, as the title states, I can't find my falsetto. It's been this way for 5 years maybe? I think this whole thing started after I caught a particulary bad flu. The rest of my voice is perfectly fine and I have no problems getting into "head voice", but when I try to get into falsetto I crack and go into head voice instead. Sometimes trying falsetto even hurts. The only time I can sing stuff in falsetto is after a long gig or practice session. What's the deal? This hasn't bothered me for the longest time but I've been starting to feel as if there's this whole part of my voice I can't seem to unlock. Is this a matter of persistent vocal training or is there something wrong with my vocal cords? Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Here's a clip of me singing the chorus to "Lay Me Down" by Sam Smith. The highest note I'm hitting is an A4 (I'm singing it a half step higher than the original). As a comparison, here's a guy singing it on "The Voice": To me, his sound is so much meatier and much more chesty. To me, my voice sounds like Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees or an Axl Rose. Nothing wrong with either of them, but not the effect I'm going for. Basically, my question is: If I continue to do meowing exercises / sirens / slides, will my tone eventually darken? Or am I doing something completely wrong to generate this tone? Other sub questions: Should I be enunciating these vowels more with the "ng" sound to try to resonate it more in my nose? Or should it feel more like a "ha" sound to try to bring up my chest more into the mix? Lastly, here's another sample of me singing high notes with a more "bottom to top" approach up to G4 (Wise men(G4) say..). My problem is, I feel like I'm definitely "pulling up" my chest voice to hit the G4 with that tone is pitchy and strained. The A4 I'm hitting in Lay Me Down doesn't strain me at all but it doesn't have the same timbre quality as this G4.
  4. Hi All, I'm a 24, male and new in singing. I would just like to ask if the below is an example of a Head, a mixed or a falsetto? This is me singing a line from "Off to the races" of Lana Del Rey. Thanks,
  5. I submitted this in the Challenge for BeeGees. It is late. I am tired, but wanted to post something. Be kind, this is a work in progress and a little to laid back to be effective
  6. Hii... i'm posting this one link here... its a pretty untidy take at the song I am confused as to whether this hooty sound is head voice or what is supposedly called the 'reinforced falsetto' .. what i know is that its not meaty enough the way true resonant head voice is ... I've nowadays taken to exercising for a fuller head voice..But i wanted to know just what i've done here
  7. Confusing about my voice!

    Hi! I'm new to this forum! I have a question but don't know any one to ask! I'm practicing the mixed voice recently. But when I sing, record and listen again, I think it's so weird! I have no idea it is a mixed voice or something else. Some people said that it is a falsetto, some said that it is a light (or heady) mixed voice. So it makes me so confused! Please help me guys! Because I have been warned not to continue singing in that way Thanks for reading my topic!
  8. Katisha

    Hello, I recently got cast in the role of Katisha in the Mikado. The fun part? I'm a baritone. I found out when auditions were happening that I could hit the F5 required for the part in falsetto, so I tried out and was cast in the role. However, as rehearsals have gone on, my falsetto has gotten weaker and weaker, and in fact my range in chest voice has suffered as well. I think I might be straining my voice too much, though when I'm fully warmed up and singing it feels fine. Today, I can't sing any falsetto at all. I don't know if I just need to rest my voice for a while, or if I need to drop the part. I'm not experiencing any pain, but I'm really worried that I might be damaging my voice, because I definitely have much less stamina in falsetto.
  9. can someone critique my cover of "Rolling in the Deep" please? I'm practicing vocal runs/falsetto and would love any advice I can get please. A few things, At "We could've had it alllllll" my falsetto wavers every single time I try this. It's very low in my falsetto range but I can't switch to mixed voice that quickly. What is a god exercise that will help me transition quickly? I'm 20, male, and have been singing for about two years on and off. I think my breathing is okay at this point but I had some trouble breathing around the halfway point of this song until "We could've had it all". Thanks!
  10. I produced a simple instrumental for you with only ukulele, drums, and bass. I have the chorus written and plan on singing 3/4th of the lines and we harmonize the final one. The style is similar to wild child, if you haven't heard them, check it out. But vocal qualities i'm looking for: sweet, innocent, cute, anything like that style. If you are interested message back and I'll bounce you the instrumental.
  11. ... not edited, never had singing lessons, recorded raw using Photo Booth app in Mac - Need your opinions Hello, I am doing a quick acoustical cover of Dancing On My Own by Robyn. I have never had any singing lessons, and this is NOT EDITED at all. I simply recorded it with Photo Booth app in my Macbook laptop while the backing track was played straight from Youtube. Please let me know what you think and what I can improve. I don't mind harsh comments at all. Thank you! The backing track was from
  12. Please rate this, give me tips, tell me if I improved or not, etc.
  13. Hey guys!! Here's my cover of Stairway by Led Zeppelin!! Please tell me of your opinions, what I'm doing right and wrong, the type of voice you think I am, whether you'd like to hear me singing something else etc I'm a 19 year old untrained amateur singer from Pakistan. English is my third language. Cheers!!
  14. Hey guys, here's my cover of Earth Song by Michael Jackson! Please tell me of your opinions, what I'm doing right and wrong, the type of voice you think I am, whether you'd like to hear me singing something else etc I'm a 19 year old untrained amateur singer from Pakistan. English is my third language. Cheers!!
  15. Pearl Jam - Jeremy (Cover)

    Hello again TVM forum, I hope you are all doing well Once again found some time to begin another cover to finish, would like a general critique and any advice that could help. Thank you Pearl Jam - Jeremy
  16. Before I give the link to my recording, I have to share how I feel about attempting this song..          Now for the link..   Thanks for your comments, feedback, critiques 
  17. Here is me singing the song Falling Down / Muse from the record Showbiz. The occasion was end-of-term concert with my singing "class" (or whatever). It was filmed from the side by another student. There was maybe 60 people in the audience. I messed up at some point (lost the key!) but I managed to keep calm and I found my way back. I'm quite proud!   There are some effects being applied (reverb? compressor? not sure!).    What do you think? What do I need to work on?