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Found 20 results

  1. Journey Open Arms

    Hello I did sing this song yesterday but the audience booed me and left. What did i do wrong?
  2. Me and a friend singing

    Hello I have this american friend who is a singer and we are gonna perform a musical this year. Does it sound good? I am the guy singing.
  3. Meatloaf - Bat out of hell

    A song i have been starting to practice on.
  4. Hello , This is my first publication i little bit nervous i want to know your impressions about this song and Thank you !!
  5. Hi guys, today I had some spare time and recorded another Def Leppard song: Bringing on a Heartbreak. Please leave your comments, the good, the bad, an the worst. I hope you guys enjoy it. Cheers
  6. Flight of Icarus (acoustic cover)

    Hello I tried to cover one of my favourites from Iron Maiden i know it sounds off pitch and shitty. But i just want advice on how to make it sound better? I played guitar along with it too but it didnt sound so much. Im a baritone too so any advice on how to work in the higher range would be the best. I know it sounds shit.
  7. Critque My Voice Please

    Hi guys! I just signed up for the premium membership and I am so excited to get advice and critiques from you all. I am very serious about my singing and I would like complete honesty when it comes to critiquing my voice. It has has always been my dream to be a recording artist and I really want to go on The Voice or a similar show. Over the past year or so, I have really been trying to develop a unique tone to my voice and I would like to know if it working for me or not and what can I do to improve? I can sing several styles and do different things to my voice for different effects. For the purpose of this post, I have a certain singing style that I would like critiqued, which is my "rock voice." Please be brutally honest and I would like a critique on both videos below. Thank you!

    So I've never had people listen to my singing before but I just want to know how it is.. I recorded this, I'm obviously Phenomenal22 haha Just wondering for feedback! Sorry if this is the wrong section or something but i don't understand this forum
  9. Hi, so I've been "playing" with my voice doing vocal fry and sirens, and right now i came across this resonance which i believe to be mix voice? Im pretty excited because i can reach higher notes relatively easy. Although without good support and vowel modification the notes just distort in my throat. the way this (mix voice?) feel its pretty much as it is usually described. i can place the note higher in my head or lower towards my chest. Its almost like breaking into falsetto but just hanging to chest resonance anyway I'll leave an mp3 so if anyone can give me some input it will be greatly appreciated!:) PD: i know there are some tuning issues hehe, but still id like to know if im on the right track! Thank you!!!
  10. Hey Guys Check out my cover of "Love Yourself" on Youtube. Reply with your own LIVE cover recordings!
  11. Something I threw together in the wee hours of the night. I did a double track vocal to try and get the sound right and I think besides a few occasional out of syncs it works nicely. Hopefully you guys like it.
  12. There's a new Soundbar coming out that is designed for setting up Karaoke easily. Hook with any music apps online and essentially enjoy an unlimited music library. Bluetooth enabed and comes with wireless microphone and subwoofer so no cables mess. Currently on Indiegogo for pre-order and would love some feedback from folks in this forum. There's a live video demo session this Thursday at 1PM PST on To join the demo download the Boxtiq iOS app and tune in around 1PM Thursday!
  13. All I Want is you, U2 cover

    all reviews are welcome thanks
  14. Alone from Heart

    I am new to this forum and would like some feedback on my vocals?
  15. Hi all, I'm approaching my journey here at TMVW with a complete positive mental attitude! Too long have I settled with my modest range. I intend to push myself to my full potential using the FPOS (should get it delivered in a couple of weeks) so I can sing songs like the one below properly! :-) I have never trained any other range other than my chest, so I have no idea if I'm doing any of it right! I decided to choose a song that is out of my comfort zone (in terms of range) and, instead of transposing it to a lower key, attempted it in the original key. I feel like it's better to get it wrong in the original key than to get it better in a lower key. My performance is weak, I'm embarrassed about this video, I've sang better, but none of that really matters - I just want to improve!
  16. Hey guys! I did a cover of Claptons Wondefull Tonight. Dont know why but when im recording i feel like a retard. Everything is harder, its like i never sang in my life xD. There are quite some pitchy places but its ok i guess. Take a listen and tell me what you think. Edit: i took another listen and i hate it even more i want to redo it xD but ill leave this here since i already posted it
  17. Cover song of Iron Maiden, I think this one is pretty good, a bit flat in some spots... but overall a decent effort: