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Found 49 results

  1. Hey! I decided to come back here after really long time. Some of You may remember me from my duet videos, but life is life and I'm trying to do something on my own now for some time. Could I get any feedback? Any criticism? This video is a bit old but I think it's one of the songs I feel most comfortable with If someone like it or think that it's worth it I would really appreciate subscribtion on my channel, it means a lot Cheers, hope to stay here for longer period then last time!
  2. HI:) I'm searching for a female vocalist and the author of the text to pop music project (something like Imany). Here is a link to an outline of one of the tracks
  3. Do you have music on Spotify, iTunes, etc? If you do not, we offer services to post your single, albums, or EPs on up to 14 major music platforms cheap! If you have music on Spotify, we can jumpstart you with tremendous amounts of plays for very cheap prices. If you earn royalties on your music, you can actually make money off of these 100% organic plays. Lemme know what you think! 1,000 Plays - $10 ($4) 5,000 Plays- $40 ($20) 10,000 Plays- $75 ($40) 50,000 Plays- $350 ($200) 100,000 Plays- $500 ($400) 200,000 Plays- $750 ($800) 500,000 Plays- $1500 ($2000) 1,000,000 Plays- $2500 ($4000) 2,000,000 Plays- $4750($ 8000) those are our prices, the prices in the parentheses is how much you would make off of the plays if you made .004 cents per play. (.004 cents per day is the lowest amount of royalties given by spotify.
  4. Hi guys, yesterday I had some free time, so I just recorded this one for practice. Please let me know what you all think and also give me some pointers to improve it. Cheers
  5. Hello everybody ! Here a quick cover of "man in the mirror" of MJ , recorded with ipad . I wanted to have some review of what you think of my version , and some advices to improve my singing and sing it better. I am high barry but not tenor so the song is played 3 half step down, the original pitch is too high for me .
  6. This was a contribution to the "Legends Lost" thread. Glenn Fry passed earlier this year. I found an old microphone while searching through my things and thought I would try it out. I am not sure how I ended up with it. It turns out that this is an Electrovoice 635A. An interview microphone used by reporters and such. I was using a Shure PE50 super pro(sm57 and sm58 were based on this) and I am not sure if the vocal improvement is from the Microphone or if Lessons are starting to pay off. Anyway I can tell a difference in the sound from this effort and songs recorded a week ago. Any comments welcome good or bad......improvement is the goal. I am aware of the harmony being flat in the final verse. It was getting late and time to stop. Still a major improvement from other efforts.
  7. I submitted this in the Challenge for BeeGees. It is late. I am tired, but wanted to post something. Be kind, this is a work in progress and a little to laid back to be effective
  8. Get a professional mix to make your songs sound great - free. Female vocal only. Arranged; Mixing; Vocal Tuning ; Mastering - free.
  9. Hi, I am looking for a male singer who can do modern metal style vocals (screams & cleans) with an ability to record at home to complete a side-project I am doing with a female singer. It is more in the modern/mainstream vain, along the lines of, but not limited to, Within Temptation, Amaranthe, Nightwish etc. There are 10 tracks so far, fully produced. Here you can listen to snippets of 4 tracks : Many thanks Than
  10. Everybody tells you that you sound like...someone? For advertising/commercials/jingles work, i need some sound alike vocalists, with a home studio access. PAID GIGS. Please send your samples to Thanks
  11. Any and all feedback welcomed, had to drop the key on this one considerably to be able to do it comfortably but still spotty. Thanks in advance for the time.
  12. Just want to know if I should keep singing or give it up? (Singing) ---->
  13. One Direction - Perfect (Cover)

    I just did a cover of Perfect by One Direction! Please check out:) sound
  14. A cover I did yesterday. I would appreciate to get some feedback on my technique. - Kasper
  15. can someone critique my cover of "Rolling in the Deep" please? I'm practicing vocal runs/falsetto and would love any advice I can get please. A few things, At "We could've had it alllllll" my falsetto wavers every single time I try this. It's very low in my falsetto range but I can't switch to mixed voice that quickly. What is a god exercise that will help me transition quickly? I'm 20, male, and have been singing for about two years on and off. I think my breathing is okay at this point but I had some trouble breathing around the halfway point of this song until "We could've had it all". Thanks!
  16. Congratulations Shigeki Morimoto! Our new member of the TVS Certified Instructor team from Tokyo, Japan! Shigeki trained for 40 hours in Seattle, WA at TVS studios and took a very difficult TVS test... and English is NOT easy for him! My personal regards, Maestro Morimoto is great for the TVS Instructor program and will represent TVS well in Japan. He knows how to make a full commitment, has a huge work ethic and cares about learning the TVS Method ideas. Maestro Morimoto is also one of the kindest and most pleasant people to be around I have ever met. He also can sing amazing... Welcome Maestro Shigeki Morimoto, our new TVS MCI responsible for Japanese singers, our colleague and friend. Enjoy These Videos We Worked. Engineered, filmed and produced by me... DREAM THEATER TRIBUTE "THE SPIRIT CARRIES ON" SHIGEKI MORIMOTO (ORIGINAL) "WILL BE SHINE"
  17. Hello everyone, my name is George Ruiz. I'm the creator and CEO of an all new worldwide, online singing contest named SuperXtar. I want to get the word out to as many people as possible. Anyone from around the world is welcome to check it out, whether submitting a video yourself or as one of the countless voters. Singers AND random Voters can win THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN BITCOINS! (Promo video Just look at these amazing prizes that our sponsor VrTuoTV has for SINGERS like you: Every Week $1,000 in Bitcoins for the Weekly Winner. $5,000 in Bitcoins to each Monthly Winner The twelve Monthly Winners, each with two companions will be flown from anywhere around the world to the Grand Finale site in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Hotel and meal packages for 10 days, plus tour and transportation around Nashville. Monthly Winners will participate in the VrTuo TV reality show: ‘Who Wrote That?’ Grand finale prizes: $25,000 for third place and $50,000 for second place. The winner will receive $100,000 plus a recording contract and a restored Harley Davidson Motorcycle. All Winners will receive free promotion in all of our social media channels. We have more than 114K followers in Twitter, 44K fans in Facebook and over 13K Linkedin connections. Our followers are from all parts of the world and your video would be enjoyed worldwide. Plus, some very important people in the entertainment world follow us and may notice your talent! Also, every Week our sponsor will give $4,000 in Bitcoins to random Voters as well. Yes, your fans will be delighted to know that they can win money voting for you! You can find answers to any of your questions in FAQ in our website New contest starts on November 04, 2015. To participate, submit your video to today. Thank you very much!
  18. Chryssanthemis - Je T'aime (Live)

    "Je T'aime" : is a romantic French-pop ballad of Lara Fabian, included in the album “Pure” (1996), Lara Fabian is a multilingual Belgian, Canadian lyric soprano had sung songs in French, Italian, Spanish, and English, Portuguese, Hebrew and Greek.The song expresses the love and pain that a woman feels for her beloved!I Hope you enjoy it!Official Facebook Page: Music Arts Facebook Page: : Music Studios Facebook Page: - Lyrics: Lara Fabian & Rick AlisonVideo Editing: Modern Music StudiosElectric Guitar: Steve SovoDrums: Fotis YiannopoulosBass Guitar: Dimitris VerginisPiano: Aikaterini DeliyiannidouKeyboards: Kleanthis Konstantinidis
  19. Hello Let me introduce myself!I'm Chryssanthemis.I'm a singer and a vocal coach.I sing using the speech level singing technique.This is my rock cover in "Take me to Church" .This is 100% live sound.Just let me know if you like.
  20. ... not edited, never had singing lessons, recorded raw using Photo Booth app in Mac - Need your opinions Hello, I am doing a quick acoustical cover of Dancing On My Own by Robyn. I have never had any singing lessons, and this is NOT EDITED at all. I simply recorded it with Photo Booth app in my Macbook laptop while the backing track was played straight from Youtube. Please let me know what you think and what I can improve. I don't mind harsh comments at all. Thank you! The backing track was from
  21. Please rate this, give me tips, tell me if I improved or not, etc.