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Found 56 results

  1. Hey there!, I am verry new on singing and just had a few questions about starting out and would love to get some tips &tricks! First a little bit about myself: I am a 17 year old guy with a pretty low/deep voice but would love to sing a bit higher and can't afford any singing lessons. Here are some questions: - What is the best way to start singing? -How can i get a bigger vocal range? -Where can i learn about the basics of singing? - What is your personal experience with starting out?
  2. Beatles final concert. Aug 29, 1966 Candlestick Park Revolver had just been released 3 weeks earlier. They were burnt out from touring. Of course they continued to make studio albums with a little help from George Martin. Just up ahead lay the summer of love and Sgt Peppers
  3. Please leave a comment below if u are interested in getting ur track mastered for only $5!
  4. Hi guys, yesterday I had some free time, so I just recorded this one for practice. Please let me know what you all think and also give me some pointers to improve it. Cheers
  5. Hello everybody ! Here a quick cover of "man in the mirror" of MJ , recorded with ipad . I wanted to have some review of what you think of my version , and some advices to improve my singing and sing it better. I am high barry but not tenor so the song is played 3 half step down, the original pitch is too high for me .
  6. Hello everyone, recently wrote some songs at home and recorded them. Would be a pleasure to get a litte review, tipps and advice from you! Hope you like it! A link to my page: Thank you very much! Kind regards Simon Meyers
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Jay. I am a songwriter, and I just joined this forum after working with some opera / classical singers. Long story short – I write in popular song form (R&B, pop, salsa, cha-cha, rock), and I hired some opera singers to sing on several R&B and pop demos. It pretty much shocked me. These singers were already very different in their own right, but as a group, they were startlingly different from the 'pop' singers that I have worked with, even though they were singing exactly the same notes and lyrics. It was like two different worlds. Neither was better or worse...just DIFFERENT. Notes are notes and lyrics are lyrics. But, their thought process, the styles they used (or didn't use), and several other factors, made me very, very curious about their classical world. With that said, I'm here to learn more about classical singing, because I want to be able to communicate in their language, the same way I do now with 'pop' singers. To clarify, I'm neither a singer nor am I trying to be one. I just write songs and use my own voice for reference vocal purposes. If it wasn't for tuning features in software, I'd be in trouble, so I'll also learn the basics just to make it easier and to preserve my voice for the long haul. Thanks for reading! Jay
  8. This was a contribution to the "Legends Lost" thread. Glenn Fry passed earlier this year. I found an old microphone while searching through my things and thought I would try it out. I am not sure how I ended up with it. It turns out that this is an Electrovoice 635A. An interview microphone used by reporters and such. I was using a Shure PE50 super pro(sm57 and sm58 were based on this) and I am not sure if the vocal improvement is from the Microphone or if Lessons are starting to pay off. Anyway I can tell a difference in the sound from this effort and songs recorded a week ago. Any comments welcome good or bad......improvement is the goal. I am aware of the harmony being flat in the final verse. It was getting late and time to stop. Still a major improvement from other efforts.
  9. I submitted this in the Challenge for BeeGees. It is late. I am tired, but wanted to post something. Be kind, this is a work in progress and a little to laid back to be effective
  11. Hello ! I am a 18 years old piano player. I've been playing the piano for more than eight years and that's something I really enjoy despite my many injuries, thanks to it. But nevertheless, I won't stop. I also have another hobby : I really enjoy singing. It feels so comfortable and it pleases me a lot. Singing has alwyas been different, even if I can't sing "properly" (according to singing technique standards), I'm still to enjoy it and I do. I've always noticed that unlike the piano, I'm able to feel what I sing (I'm French but speak English obviously and understand the meaning of every shing I sing) and how to say that... get into the song, let it flow throw me. I sound horrible but yet, I know I've given my all ahahah. That's something I've never achieved with the piano... Feeling the song. That's sad but I guess it'll come some day. I'll never be a star and I don't want to. I want to learn singing for myself (even if I must admit... that'd be great not to sound like a duck whenever I sing with friends, for fun) because as far as my music side tells me, I've gathered two problems : A very nasal voice (I guess it's because of a poor (inexistant) breathing training something I know is very important to singing) and I just don't know when my singing is right. I never know if it's too high, too low but I guess this problem doesn't carry on with training. I've come here to ask you guys if you had stuff for me so I can learn how to sing... correctly ? I mean... being able to sing without a nasal voice and to sing in tune (hitting the right notes) ; After that, maybe I could go further but let us not get lost. I like to enjoy myself even more! I've got a piano available 24/7 so if you've got things that involves having one. I do. I've got a little music ear. I can recognise notes but I can't play by ear for example. Anyway, I hope you'll find something for someone as beginner as me ^^ Thanks a lot
  12. Any and all feedback welcomed, had to drop the key on this one considerably to be able to do it comfortably but still spotty. Thanks in advance for the time.
  13. She's a new up and coming artist. Her name is Julien baker and for the past couple of days, I have been obsessed with her. She's got a great voice, great melodies, great lyrics and one day she'll be my wife because duh. anyways.... take a listen she's a real gem.
  14. Hello guys I am curious to know what singers have demonstrated vocal longevity without losing voice quality. Who are your favorite artists that consistently have sung well for at least 20 years? For me I must have to go with Celine Dion and Stevie Wonder. Please include clips of the proposed artist if possible.
  15. What do you all think of Beyonce as a vocalist? She seems to have excellent control over her instrument. My only gripe is the clavicular breathing with the audible inhalation. Here are a few good videos of singing for you all to analyze: What do you all think?
  16. Just want to know if I should keep singing or give it up? (Singing) ---->
  17. I just did a cover of Perfect by One Direction! Please check out:) sound
  18. Hi, Looking to get suggestion about great vocal melody writers. It's difficult to specify what I mean by great vocal melody. But singing lines with great rhythm, catchy yet not predictable, instantly likable because of gripping dynamic, are mainly the qualities I think. So, I like stuff done by Ella Fitzgerald from the Cole Porter songbook and other songs too. L Armstrong of course. Elvis. I also like Iron Maiden, if you listen to this kind music. Bruce Dickinson's vocal lines are very engaging and dynamic. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I don't care about genre and language. Don't kindly assume I have listen to/am aware of all notable singers. So, if it's a basic/obvious suggestion that's great too. Thanks in advance.
  19. A cover I did yesterday. I would appreciate to get some feedback on my technique. - Kasper
  20. can someone critique my cover of "Rolling in the Deep" please? I'm practicing vocal runs/falsetto and would love any advice I can get please. A few things, At "We could've had it alllllll" my falsetto wavers every single time I try this. It's very low in my falsetto range but I can't switch to mixed voice that quickly. What is a god exercise that will help me transition quickly? I'm 20, male, and have been singing for about two years on and off. I think my breathing is okay at this point but I had some trouble breathing around the halfway point of this song until "We could've had it all". Thanks!
  21. Congratulations Shigeki Morimoto! Our new member of the TVS Certified Instructor team from Tokyo, Japan! Shigeki trained for 40 hours in Seattle, WA at TVS studios and took a very difficult TVS test... and English is NOT easy for him! My personal regards, Maestro Morimoto is great for the TVS Instructor program and will represent TVS well in Japan. He knows how to make a full commitment, has a huge work ethic and cares about learning the TVS Method ideas. Maestro Morimoto is also one of the kindest and most pleasant people to be around I have ever met. He also can sing amazing... Welcome Maestro Shigeki Morimoto, our new TVS MCI responsible for Japanese singers, our colleague and friend. Enjoy These Videos We Worked. Engineered, filmed and produced by me... DREAM THEATER TRIBUTE "THE SPIRIT CARRIES ON" SHIGEKI MORIMOTO (ORIGINAL) "WILL BE SHINE"