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Found 25 results

  1. Sorry about word timing... Still not sure how to swing the beats on this old song ... to make it more lively ... need to sing it for a wedding! Any suggestions for improvement would be so great, i.e. mixed voice, head voice, & chest voice form a coherent one voice? Love & peace
  2. Hello, I have been learning the various voice registers & applying to this song. Any suggestions on where to improve would be greatly appreciated, i.e. Do it sounds like one voice? or not yet? Love & peace
  3. Wind Beneath My Wings This is a warts and all presentation of my singing. I tried a different intro to Bette Midler. Be interested to know whether you guys think that is works. I was going to re-record correcting any vocal errors but i feel to get the best from a review I need to show where I'm actually going wrong as well as the well-executed parts currently I have quite a poorly chest. Any thoughts on speeding recovery? Thanks guys.
  4. It has been a while since I have presented anything. I still have not found time for true practice but I have improved since receiving the FOUR PILLARS OF SINGING. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Dear all, It has been a while that I have visited this forum. I have been very busy with my studies—having completed my BA in Musicology and currently finalising my MA in Applied Musicology. I did keep on working on my singing, however. Yesterday, “The Music of the Night,” a song that I auditioned with at the Conservatory of Rotterdam over a decade ago and that I had used for my singing lessons with many different teachers, was one I had never actually performed—until now! Indeed, there appears to be balancing issues with volume between me and the piano. On the other hand, I asked several attendees whether they felt there were problems with it, but they all did not notice them live. While I do think we could work on balancing our instruments, I believe the recording is augmenting the issue quite a bit. I am really satisfied with the performance—especially my acting abilities, intonation, enunciation, and stage presence. I could be more confident with the fermata notes just doing them as long as I want, rather than thinking I might do them too long (I think the “soul”-note [2:32] is great, the “be”-note [3:44] is just about right, the ”night”-note [5:20] is executed pretty well, but could easily be five seconds longer). I could also definitely stabilise and pronounce my “ring” more. Manolito Mystiq
  6. Wade In The Water (Smule)
  7. I have a consistent issue that I definitely need to figure out how to fix... My voice isn't that loud to begin with, but the tone of my voice seems to be in a place where it just disappears into ambient noise. It doesn't carry over it like most other people's voices do. When I am in a loud environment (even just a place like a bar or restaurant with a lot of ambient noise), my voice does not carry at all and I find myself trying to speak louder to compensate. Which, obviously, is not healthy. The bigger problem comes in when I'm trying to SING. Without monitors it's just bad. Even WITH monitors, if the vocals aren't turned up pretty loudly in it, I don't sing as well. I unconsciously try to sing louder (because I can't hear myself well enough) which results in a not-ideal vocal sound, my range disappears, and I end up being a bit pitchy as well. In the moment, I don't particularly feel like I'm tense or straining in any way, although I am very much aware that I can't hit half the notes I usually can and I am aware that I don't sound quite normal. When I listen back, it clearly sounds like I'm trying to be louder, not quite like I'm yelling but in that direction. What is the core issue here, and how might I go about fixing it? I need to be able to hear myself better, and of course having a better monitor setup will help. But I really need to be able to hear my voice over simple ambient noise so that even in a less-than-ideal monitor setup, I can still sing well. And I have no idea what the true problem is that's causing all of this. Help!
  8. Stuffy Nose, Surgery?

    Hey new to the forum here. I am a developing singer(male baritone) and I have noticed how much a stuffy or half-stuffy/runny nose can impact my range. It is nearly impossible for me to get into my mask/nasal resonance when my nostrils are somewhat swollen due to cold weather. My chest voice would sound almost normal, but as I start to place the air into my nasal region, that stuffiness somewhat pushes the air back down, making me push more air through the chest, thus making it very easy to have unpredictable breaks in the voice as opposed to a day when my nose is clear. Ive had this almost all my life and it actually made me talk more out of my mouth with strain during normal conversation. I was wondering if anyone here had procedures done to reduce the size of the turbinates in your nose(removing parts of the membrane or bone) so the passageway is much wider at all times, or if there is another permanant solution? And if anyone had this surgery, how much did it change your singing voice? Thanks!
  9. Im not much of a fan of theater songs, but this one has a very beautiful melody line and points that call for a bit more of punch (and that I can just let go and sing all out) very fun study! Let me know how it sounds peeps
  10. Really would like to get some helpful criticism on my first song I have on the radio in order to improve my vocal performance. The song is "Love Like You" I'm currently playing 6-7 shows a week and would love advice on how to keep consistent and just improve my overall performance. I'm on SoundCloud: All the songs on Early Mornings, Late Nights, and Long Roads were written and composed by me and were produced by Joel Kazmi--who’s worked with artists like The Tea Party, Rush, N’sync, Sum 41, and Anne Murray. If you don't want to listen that is absolutely cool and if you can recommend some new music or mention any great shows you've seen lately, that would be great. Cheers!
  11. Felipe Carvalho - Perfect Strangers Deep Purple Cover
  12. Hey everyone! My name is David and I'm from a small town in the Yukon, Canada. The town I'm in is about 400 people and doesn't have much of a musical scene so I thought I'd check out this site :). So ever since 2014 I've been getting mentored by a songwriting/production group in the music industry. They've worked with everyone from Maroon 5 to Fifth Harmony (most recently). It all happened after I reached out to them with my lyrics. They immediately took me on and in these two years I've worked on honing in my lyrical and melodic abilities and even taught myself how to play the guitar (within this last year). The last part of this puzzle is singing. I've always felt this fire deep in me ever since I was young. But I was too scared to try out singing in front of teachers until recently. So within the last 2 months I've gone to about 3 or 4 online singing lessons, which I've been feeling pretty great about. I made a promise to myself that before I email these guys something new, it'll be when I can sing decently enough to intrigue them. I know I have it in me. Aside from this introduction (I hope I'm posting in the right place). I'd love to get some feedback and tips and even more than that after I share some videos here. I see that this community has some vocal coaches, so it would be awesome to hear from everyone. Singers and teachers alike!
  13. Someday - Mariah Carey

    For a few months now I've been trying to get accustomed to vocalizing and controlling pitch in whistle register, and at this point I can say, although the amount of time I can access it in a day seems limited, it's requiring less mental effort and becoming more intuitive to use this part of my voice. Using it in songs is another story, but for the songs I've worked on with them included, the whistle sections are among the first things I record since I find towards the end of a session it becomes impossible to utilize. By working with these songs with whistle phrases it's a way of challenging myself stamina-wise and forces me to try to recognize when to rest. The goal ultimately is to be able to have the freedom to use it whenever though, I guess as it develops. The whistle in this song is part of a longer phrase and towards the very end, contains a trill/run sort of ending and is part of a transition from chest to whistle on the same note two octaves apart which probably made it easier. Did all of the background vocals on this also. Any and all feedback welcome.
  14. Hey Rob ! Howzitgoin' ? I'm practicing ( not as much as I would want : Work + daughter and stuff ...) During our lesson, we was reaching an E4 and then came the time to do vowel modifications We went obviously from Eh to a Ah or Uh and you said : Ah is your Trebble knob, Uh is your Bass Knob and said that formants are this : Multiple sound colours at the same time Is that to say that we can have simultaneously Eh+AH+Uh vowels blended together ? or is it just EH+AH or EH+ Uh Simply put : Can we have more than 2 vowels blended together ? If yes, how many of them then ? Question might sound silly, but I was wondering Let me know Thanx
  15. Three and half years ago I decided I wanted to have a deeper voice. I did some research and found an article that suggested saying your ABC's in a deeper voice everyday until your voice became that pitch. THIS WAS A HUGE MISTAKE. It has massively hurt my communication skills and left me sounding very unnatural and unpleasant . After years of trying to correct it by speaking my way back to my naturally voice, going through phases of pain and scratchiness, I think it's as good as it can be without some help from people who know what their doing. I'm coming to this great community for advice on how to get back to my original voice and get on sounding the way I was meant to sound! Sincerely- RecoveringFromTheDeep
  16. A GREAT BOOK ON THE ACOUSTICS OF SINGING I just had a great discussion with Ken Bozeman, the author of the book, "Practical Vocal Acoustics - Pedagogic Applications for Teachers & Singers". We talked a lot about how the CT and TA relate to each other and specifically, what they are doing inside of contemporary belt voice. I think I am lot more clear on CT/TA involvement now and "get it". I also have this book guys. It talks a lot about the acoustics of singing, but is practical and not too difficult to follow. It comes with a CD and a web site you can check into with supporting materials. I highly recommend. I'm posting it here since there was a lot of discussion about CT/TA in here and I think Ken's publication needs to be brought to your attention. CHECK IT OUT! CLICK HERE TO GET THE BOOK!
  17. I was feeling adventurous today.. It's a song I'm familiar with but never really worked on in depth. The C5's towards the end felt more comfortable to me than the Bb4's, and I remember my teacher saying this would happen at some point because of the way these notes work in a belty sort of configuration. I guess it holds up here, but I'm proud I was able to actively think of and use technique I've learned to even access these notes today. I usually don't touch Musical Theater, mostly because I'm not sure how it's properly meant to be performed - same reason why I don't go near operatic stuff unless it's the crossover stuff that Josh Groban and similarly styled artists have done. I've done one Rent song, Will I, but it doesn't really sound like a "theater" song per se to me. Anyway, hope you enjoy and I hope there is some semblance of theatricality to this recording. Any and all feedback welcome.
  18. Chryssanthemis - Listen (Live)

    "Listen" is οne of four new songs written for the feature version of Dreamgirls (originally a 1981 Broadway musical). Ιt's lyrics make reference to tenacity, love, the refusal to defer dreams and finally rise towards fame.In the film version of Dreamgirls, Knowles portrays the character of Deena Jones, a pop singer loosely based on Motown star Diana Ross. The story explores the life of The Dreamettes (based on The Supremes), a fictional 1960s group of three female singers,whose manager Curtis Taylor (based on Berry Gordy and played by Jamie Foxx) manipulates their personal and professional relationships.I Hope you Enjoy it!Official Facebook Page: Music Arts Facebook Page: : Music Studios Facebook Page: Editing: Modern Music StudiosElectric Guitar: Steve SovolosPianoAikaterini DeliyiannidouBass Guitar: Dimitris VerginisKeyboards: Kleanthis KonstantinidisDrums: Fotis Yiannopoulos
  19. Chryssanthemis - Je T'aime (Live)

    "Je T'aime" : is a romantic French-pop ballad of Lara Fabian, included in the album “Pure” (1996), Lara Fabian is a multilingual Belgian, Canadian lyric soprano had sung songs in French, Italian, Spanish, and English, Portuguese, Hebrew and Greek.The song expresses the love and pain that a woman feels for her beloved!I Hope you enjoy it!Official Facebook Page: Music Arts Facebook Page: : Music Studios Facebook Page: - Lyrics: Lara Fabian & Rick AlisonVideo Editing: Modern Music StudiosElectric Guitar: Steve SovoDrums: Fotis YiannopoulosBass Guitar: Dimitris VerginisPiano: Aikaterini DeliyiannidouKeyboards: Kleanthis Konstantinidis
  20. For a long time, I have been practicing to have similar technique to this vocalist. Mind you, I do not wish to sound exactly like him, I know that's not possible, but I would like to better understand his techniques and vocal flexibility. Over the past five years, I have accomplished his range and some use of techniques, but as you will hear in the recording at the bottom, my formant and vocal flexibility are lack luster. This has been hard to fix for me. Part of my formant problem is me finding the spaces in my voice where I sound my best. And, due to imperfect technique, I get tired very quickly. This is the song I am singing. Below is the same song with me singing over it. You should be able to hear it pretty clearly, how much voice doesn't quite have the same overtones, yet, it seems like our vocal tones are within the same ballpark. You can hear my voice get so, so tired after a while. Sometimes I sound mouthy and muddled whenever I feel like I sound so much brighter or warmer. I am unsure of what to be looking for. I want to be a performer. This doesn't sound very healthy to me. Please help me to understand where my voice needs to be worked on. Thank you.
  21. Hello once again, beloved TMV forum. I'm tackling a different style and tune this time, hoping to do it some justice, as I solely sing rock. Would love some feedback and constructive criticism, as always. Hozier - Take me to Church
  22. Hello I'm new here. I'd like you to say a few words about my vocal cover. *Remamber to choose "hd" in right upper corner.