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Found 256 results

  1. I thought I'd post an official review my singing thread for my new EP "Blink of an Eye" available on all major music platforms. What are your thoughts? What do you like? what do you not like? whats your favorite song? iTunes Spotify
  2. Hello Modern Vocalist World! I just wanna thank Robert Lunte for his labor - the secret is revealed. For I was searching, trying, doubting... And finally TVS. So practical, exact explanations, awesome! Here I am singing and playing on this video: Vinni
  3. review my singing

    I have been searching for some good reviews on some original songs and vocals, interested in opinions.
  4. Hi all, New singer/songwriter, just recently formed an indie/shoegaze band from all of my home recordings. No vocal training or anything, but then again I don't care too much if I sound trained as a "singer" would sound on the radio, and instead i'm focusing on whether or not I sound pleasing to the ears, basically want to make sure I don't sound like complete crap because I have a very weird voice. Most shoegaze bands typically don't focus much on the vocals and layer it with tons of reverb (youtube DIIV - Sometime for an example of my genre and my favorite band) but i'd like to do something different in my genre that no one is really doing in the scene. Here's a vocal cover I did of Marilyn Manson - Coma Black (I know, definitely NOT my genre and I'm not a Manson fan, but a friend said I sort of sounded like Manson in some of my original songs so I gave it a shot the other day. Hardly any reverb which is new for me, no effects and one vocal take for the various vocal tracks, no copy/pasting. The only thing I've ever done without lots of reverb. You can compare at 2:46 to hear my voice without multitracking, or skip to 0:55)
  5. Trying to work on singing on pitch/ is appreciated.
  6. Hey so i've been singing for about 12 years now never had lessons sadly as i could never afford them. i'm 20 years old and i'm wanting to do music as a career either teaching with gigs on the side or just straight up gigging if i'm good enough for it. I have a few videos on my facebook page @ I ask my friends and family for their feedback on my singing but its always been yeah you're good which is just frustrating because good is never enough and it's not as detailed as i would like to know. i can take the most brutal criticism so dont hold back i really need to hear it! I would like every small thing i do wrong pointing out and advice on what to work on if possible! Look forward so seeing the reviews! Kind Regards Connor Sydney Hodgson
  7. im new here, just starting to get into singing modern music, thought this might be a more constructive place to seek feedback than from my friends. song isn't super modern, just had it in my brain today. thanks for viewing
  8. Hey guys! It's been a while... I'm working on my YouTube channel, trying to post videos more frecuently please take a listen to my cover and Tell me what do you think thank you in advance!
  9. Hey there I have been a musician for a long time, but I have always struggled with singing and its never come naturally to me. I have only been practicing singing solidly for six months now and I have definitely improved, but I have no idea if I am any good. anyways here is a little clip of me singing. I would appreciate feedback. I sent it to my brother and he said it was good, but that when I go higher in pitch it doesn't sound as good. I would appreciate if you agree with his point and how to fix it. P.s i have paid thank you, Ben Jones.
  10. My name is Christian and i am from Brazil Hope I can help you guys here in some way! I have an youtube channel where I post some of the stuff I do, feel free to have a look: Below is the last video I recorded. I have stiil a looot to improve in voice techniques, so if you have some advise I would really like to know. Thanks!
  11. Hello I just need to know if my singing is very bad, or is it possible to do with it something. I do not like color of my voice, when I listen the recording and also know, that there are a lot of mistakes. It was just quick recording, when nobody was at home I love singing, but the problem is, that I am shy, and never sing in public. Only in my car or when I am alone I would like to know your opinion. Thank you very much in advance
  12. Hello, I'm coming back to write here after a long time. I found a lot of changes and I would like to understand better some of those changes. I see that the review my singing area is a memebership area only, But if I try to create a topic I can do it. It means that I can ask to other users to review my singing (as it was in the past) and the membership service is for a professional review, or it means that only memers can upload a link and ask for a review (to other users too...)
  13. Let's see if we can get some fathers misty eyed hahahaha... really beautiful tune with great lyrics and most importantly for me, very easy in my range. Enjoy
  14. Hi, haven't posted anything in a bit. I really liked Jeremy's "Cat's in the Cradle" cover from several weeks back and as much as that song is fathers I thought I would do one for the mothers lol. I live in Orlando, Florida and it may be September but it is still very hot so I apologize for the sound of my Air Conditioner running in the back of my vocal track I tried to minimize it but it still bleeds through just a little. This song isn't particularly challenging from a range type of thing but was more about trying to convey "honest" emotion. I have several friends who lost their mother's pretty early on in their adult lives and as I tried to think about what they have told me about that and thinking about my own mother I actually had a hard time singing this because my throat actually lumped up a bit, some tough rocker I turned out to be :) Anyway here it is.
  15. I just got back from the studio and just finished another song. The ep is coming together and should be released early next year. I am realy liking the way my voice has developed. When I first started I couldent sing above middle c and didn't know how sing anywhere remotly close to the pitch.
  16. It's been a while since we had a thread about critiques. How to give them but more importantly, how to receive them when you have posted a song. As you may know, it is a premium or charged service to have your singing submissions reviewed here by experts. Edited to add: just realized this. If you wanted an expert opinion on your singing and went to a vocal coach near you for that appraisal, you would have to pay for a lesson to get that. Robert's fee for a year is less than the cost of one lesson. Let that thought sink in for a minute. If the poster wants an expert opinion, they can get one. People here are concentrated on singing, above all else. end of edit. What if you get what you asked and paid for? Someone actually listens and offers some things to change or improve? The worst thing to do is get defensive. I have been there, done that. Live, most everyone has liked my singing and applauded. How could the people in this forum not appreciate my total awesomeness? Well, fortunately, my parents let me know how worthless I was, so, I don't start out with an inflated opinion of myself. But I would still get defensive because I am good at fighting. You know, if I was good at singing as I am at fighting .... Anyway, you have a few options for receiving criticism that will go a long way for you. First, accept the pointers and work on the things suggested. Forget for a moment that someone is taking time from a busy day to review and compose a reply. Just take the advice at face value. You asked for a critique and advice, got what you asked for, now use it. Even if you think it sounds weird like "find your little boy voice." Sometimes, during training, you are going to make some sounds that are funny. Part of my "training" is making funny voices. Either scrunching up my voice to sound like Minnie Mouse or creating a lisp and a hick accent and doing something similar to Hayseed Dixie. It's a good way to stretch the voice. So, don't be afraid to try the advice. Or don't. You can think, well, they just don't appreciate what I did. And you may be right about that. And getting defensive and abrasive and frankly, being a whiny butt won't make people like it any more. Because here are some impediments or accelerants, depending on your results, of posting here. Each person has his or her own taste and sensibilities. I also think a number of people are mislabeling tonality shift as pitchiness because it sounds like a cross-phase beat in there. And, even if someone has the same hearing range as you, they can only hear the recording you posted, not you, live and in person. The only person from this forum who has heard me sing live is my brother, Slstone, and former moderator Aaron (he is originally from Texas and came back here to visit family, once or twice.) Even in phone conversations with Bob and Adolph where I may sing a snippet over the phone, that is a phone, not live and in person and phone mics are very limited and have a compressor circuit that squashes everything into a mid range about a few dB wide. So, let's say you think you did fine and others are just being too critical for the sake of being critical. And that could happen. So? To quote the song from the Disney feature, "let it go, let it go ..." Like the military strategist realizes, not every hill is worth fighting for. Pick and choose what to argue about, if at all. And certainly you can ask for clarification. Whether you get that clarification or not, I don't think asking for clarification of a critique is argumentative or defensive. But I had realized that if I write "What do you mean I was off pitch? Where?" Reading that, you think I am getting in your face and flexing my biceps. Not the case at all. I am looking for a landmark. A turn of phrase or a timer mark. If I know where to look, that can sometimes lead to the solution, which is often a vowel sound that is not working. Also, while on the subject of recordings, since that is all we have to hear each other, I am going to have to repeat the words of Robert and even GSoul, as well as others, such as my brother, who is a recording pro, with his own label, studio, the whole nine yards. You need to make the recording as good as possible with what you have. And that means singing the song more than once, if necessary. A number of songs I have always sang well live have problems when recorded and I left those problems in, at first, not hearing them and being from the mind set of live performance, where stopping is death, there are no do overs. In recording, it is the opposite. Recording is all fake. From the first moment you change eq or put on a compressor, it is altered and no longer "reality." "But I am a singer, not a recording engineer." Well, now you are both. You are the one who created and "produced" this recording, good or bad. "Well, I only get to sing this once at midnight on Tuesday because my family laughs at me and it is my only time." Okay, so make that time work for you. And I am not making fun of that. I have often structured my recording time around times when my wife is busy with something else so as not impact our time together. We all have family and don't have all day to record. So, aside from improving recording skills and work flow, which can be and often is another thread, you can take the advice and follow it. You can take the advice and ignore it. You can simply thank people for their time. And remember that what they hear is based on the recording you provided. Can you change something about the recording or the mixing and editing you did to it after sound files were done? The one thing you don't want to do is get defensive. Even if it is a natural instinct, and it is, because we are great apes (technically chimpanzees) swinging from the trees and fighting over bananas. You raise your hackles and beat your chest and the ape opposite you does the same. It is how we impress prospective mates to continue the species. (I enjoy that image. Let that sink in a moment ...) You cannot belittle or harangue someone into liking your singing or your recording of your singing. Let's say that you get some responses, all positive, but not many. So, live with that. Not everyone in the world is going to like you or the song or your singing of the song. It's our simian nature, again. And the few people who did respond and responded favorably, well, that is your audience, no matter how small. Accept success at all levels and grades. And review what it is that you did that garnered applause. Firstly, a song that really fits your voice, especially if it is a cover song. Second, well-rehearsed and recorded, not a dud note in there. And you sang it like you wrote the song. Try to repeat that, ad infinitum. To quote Ricky Nelson from the song "Garden Party," "You can't please everyone so you've got to please yourself." And what if we just want to showcase? There is not a separate showcase section but I don't know if it would help. We can still showcase in the review section and a number of people do. What if not a lot of people care for your showcase? Well, let me be a bit abrasive and say, "well, boo-hoo for you. Here is a tissue to blow your nose." In the real world, you could produce and release an album and have the great un-washed public not buy it, either. Famous stars with way more talent, work, and gear than you have spent a million dollars, literally, on albums that tanked right from the start. Launching right of the end of a dock and straight down into the water. What is the difference between them and you? They don't quit. Winners never quit. They fail as often or more often than others but they don't quit, ever. And what if someone reviews and simply liked it and you feel that was not enough of a review? Well, excuse me, but most people are gracious to accept applause and take it as a sign that they did things right. Try to be one of those people. Don't assume that because you think you have a problem that others will think so, too. You do not hear yourself as others hear you. That is a fact, whether you like it or not and you cannot change that fact no matter how stubborn or old or young you are. Just get over it. Also ask yourself what it is that you need from here. You could have all the applause from all the singing experts here. Let's say it's a grand slam. Everyone likes it. Great. That does not mean that it will be a success as a professional recording. And conversely, you get panned here but could sell platinum on the open market. So, go and sell platinum. It is nice to have the accolades and kudos from one's peers but what do you want to do with that, other than be well-liked in our group, awesome as it may be (and I am not being sarcastic)? And you could get all the applause here and be a recording success. So, go and do it. Others have. Keith Goehner and his band Drop Head have a major release. And so does Adon Fanon and his band Ghost Ship Octavius and that is an awesome album and yes, I bought it, including the signed poster. It was worth my hard-earned money. Something else I thought of. Sometimes, you do a cover, with either a backing track made to sound very close to the original and in some cases, is the original backing track (producers these days have another revenue stream from making pre-master stems to sell to karaoke sites, so you are paying for the legit use of the music and only have to pay copyright if including it on your album, for sale, but that is a whole 'nother thread) and is, in other cases you and / or some friends creating a new recording with your own instruments and you do it well but it is not well received, especially here, because you don't sound like the original. That is also okay. There are a number of cases where a cover of a song became more well known and liked than the original. Nearly every Bob Dylan song went further as a cover from someone else. To some extent, same with Ray Wylie Hubbard. "Redneck Mother" was a huge hit as a cover song done by Jerry Jeff Walker. Shinedown's cover of "Simple Man" has been as big a hit for them as it was for Lynrd Skynrd and these days, I see young'ns doing a cover of the cover. So, you do a song here and you don't sound like the original but you sang well and even you know that you sang well and it doesn't get a lot of traction. That's okay, this just wasn't the right audience, this time. We may be experts in singing but are human, nonetheless. You could still go big with it in the public place. At least you did not have comments that would seem detrimental or hard to take. Again, I think it is good to define for yourself your purpose in singing, the purpose in being here. Next, I want to talk about giving critiques, if I may be so bold.
  17. Hi guys, today I had some spare time and recorded another Def Leppard song: Bringing on a Heartbreak. Please leave your comments, the good, the bad, an the worst. I hope you guys enjoy it. Cheers
  18. Hello Recorded this on smule today. Its a very hard song to sing because during the chorus it is a C5 in there. I tried to experiment during the chorus with distortion. How does it sound to your ears? Does it sound good or bad?