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Found 50 results

  1. Hi, I posted this a few days ago, but for technical reasons the post was lost. Robert Lunte already kindly reviewed it, but if anyone else feels like giving me (constructive) feedback on singing, songwriting or recording, that would be great. It's a prog rock piece just over 8 minutes long, hopefully you'll stick through to the end (which was the hardest part to sing due to the challenging harmonies). George
  2. Closer to Mixed voice?

    Hi, so just recorded this clip (No rain)(sorry for the quality, im traveling right now) but I want to know if im using the right technique, and if this is any closer to a good mix voice. Of course, a lot of things to work on regarding the song, but I'd like to know if im on the right track and what should I improve or work on for those high notes. At the end of the clip I also did a small comparison between a very nasal tone and a cleaner tone. Im not sure if this nasal tone is the right way (+ diaphram compression) to get a good distortion for heavier songs? Finally i also attached another clip (Paradise city) which is basically me playing around with this nasal tone quality to see if i get a good result. Thank you very much! cant wait to be singing these songs live:D
  3. Hey hey! New song I finished two weeks ago or so. So, from the start let me say that I'm not a typical singer that I think frequents the forums, in other words I'm really not much of a traditional singer at all and I suck lol. I'd perform absolutely awful singing to pop songs or others where there is a huge amount of skill and years of training involved and required. I'm not a trained singer at all, I just wing it and hope for the best. Ok, so with that said: a few friends have said I have a weird voice and way of singing, just something that's a bit different I suppose. I'm very self conscious about it especially when I hear other singers in alt rock/shoegaze bands. When I hear my singing in comparison I'm like "Oh, that's awkward sounding, sounds like sh*t", yet singing like this is very natural for me, nothing forced (I've tried singing differently and it just feels like I'm trying to do voice acting/karaoke or something). I don't really have any singers that I look up to or have influences, just doing my own thing which makes me feel more isolated and unsure. I'm concerned with making sure the vocals are up to par since i'm stuck with em, that they are interesting, "good" (relative term, I know :p), and most importantly that they at least stand out somewhat in a musically pleasing way. Any thoughts / advice / tips / suggestions / or general comments are totally welcome, good or bad. Not really much vocal effects used other than compression and very light reverb on one vocal track or two. No EQing or anything else, I just try to make sure the recording sits in the mix when I first capture it that way I don't need to mix/process later, because I know nothing about mixing and processing especially something as complex and dynamic as vocals. Cheers!
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  5. Hi guys, as I got some free time yesterday I decided to record this power ballad by Def Leppard. I would appreciate it if you could tell me what you think and also tips to improve it. Keep on Rocking.
  6. T. Rex "Mambo Sun" acoustic cover

    Really fun guitar song because the entire thing is a deep, swampy, shuffle groove. (E - C#m the whole time sans a few B chords.) Hope it grooves with you guys as well.
  7. Rainbow - Stargazer

    Hello Rainbow is one of my favourite rock bands of all time. I like mostly the old Rainbow with Dio on vocals. I tried a very hard song to cover. I still suck at singing but i love to sing and i wont stop doing it.
  8. Hello Robert and Hello to all! I just ordered the TVS program and am excited to start working on my singing. Quick bio. 48 Y.O. male from southside Virginia. I have played lead guitar since 1988. After taking many years away from home recording, I got back into it about 18 months ago and had to learn the new DAWs etc from scratch. To make a long story short, I have about 50 "songs" on my hard drive that need vox. I also have quite a few lyrics written without any music etc. It has been difficult (impossible) for me to find any singers to work with so the next logical step is to just develop my own singing voice more. Hopefully it is not too late. Besides which, I love to sing even if I am not very technically aware at this moment. As far as singing, I want to sing rock, classic rock, 80-90s rock, grunge, bluesy styles etc. In my songs I generally find myself in sort of the style of VH, Rainbow, Whitesnake, LedZep....sort of melodic and bluesy stuff. (at least thats the aim, hehe) My fave singers in no order. Ann Wilson, David Coverdale, Goran Edman, John Sykes, Glenn Hughes, Mark Slaughter, Marq Torien, Barry Gibb, Layne Staley and many others. I am not fixated on copying anyone though, I just want to develop my own innate abilities. My dream song might be "Love Kills" by Mark Slaughter when he was with Vinnie Vincent, but again, its not a fixation. (Im aware Mark had a pretty high voice lol) My current estimation of my singing abilities? I have potential to have a nice voice etc but am pretty clueless technically and totally untrained lol. Just from browsing vids etc I think I have a good understanding of some of the terminology....chest voice, head voice, falsetto, bridging etc. I understand the concept of vowel modification but have never tried to practice it myself. I am probably like a lot of other untrained people. If the song happens to "fit" my current capabilities, then I sound decent. But if it doesn't, I sound like a frog that spent the previous day hollering at a sports event. Sometimes I can sing along with the verse to a song but when it goes into the higher chorus part I cant hit that.....or I can hit it but I have to jump up to head voice with no bridging going on lol. I think my head voice is developed to some degree but there is a no mans land between my chest voice and head voice. If I work on a song I tend to get into a lot of pushing/straining/choking lol. No bridging currently happening. On occasion I also like to throw in some BeeGees falsetto. Anyway, I am excited to get to work and am looking forward to some nice progress. I am throwing in this link to a "before" song where I sang and played guitar over an existing rhythm track. This was in Jan 2014. Pretty sure all the vox are doubled. (manually sang twice) Im pretty good at doubling...since I have never thought my voice was good enough to stand on its own yet lol. Any feedback on the singing is welcome. Id be interested as to what my natural range is. I understand it isnt going to be that impressive as it is an untrained voice but maybe we can get an idea of what we are working with and what potential for range and style I might have etc Thanks a lot for any feedback! Peace, JonJon
  9. My song can you feel it is now available on Itunes as well as Spotify, google play, amazon and many more Itunes amazon google play If you like the song please buy it and or share it with your friends. It really helps.
  10. Hi guys, this is my attempt to sing Sweet Child of Mine (Guns n' Roses). I would like to get some tips on how to improve it, besides more practice, of course.
  11. Hi Folks.. I have put up a few versions of this song earlier which were not too impressive. I am now beginning to get a lot more control on the passagio area, especially with a more "open" sound. I have two areas that I would appreciate feedback 1. Looking at my singing, I seem to be using more horizontal embouchure than vertical. I only very recently started looking at my singing in the mirror. Is there anything wrong in my embouchure. I am looking for dark tones in the upper range. Does a horizontal embouchure produce a "brighter" sound? 2. The second question is with respect to the mix and mic placement. My wife says I sound much better in person than what I am able to get the mix in my recordings to sound. This does not help me at all since we don't hear exactly our voice in the manner we sound to others. What could I be doing wrong? She says I sound very different in my recordings. Is this a function of the average quality of backing track or is it a mix issue? Any pointers would be very helpful. The mic I am using in this a Shure beta 58A. I record in an untreated room.
  12. An original song called "Morning Light" No heavy technical reviews needed (unless you're bored lol.) To me the word "morning" sounds flat or otherwise weirdish. Lemme know what you think. I realize the "B" in the word "bright" isnt coming out every time. I was trying to go for a slightly David Coverdale vibe on the verses. The chord at 3:03 is pretty close to Jimmy Page The intro scat thing was just done off the cuff. I was going to put guitar solos in but didnt have time. (Edit: note to self. NEVER write a song with this many chorus repeats unless cash is involved lol....waaaayyyy too much work) Ive had this music sitting around for about 6 months. Wrote and sung the vox today. No bass guitar on the recording Enjoy, JJ
  13. Me tackling some progressive metal! Thanks to kristoffer for the amazing backtrack and guitar
  14. Something I threw together in the wee hours of the night. I did a double track vocal to try and get the sound right and I think besides a few occasional out of syncs it works nicely. Hopefully you guys like it.
  15. A quick attempt at the scream from dream on. I have always had trouble with this but within the last week or 2 it has become very easy!!
  16. Hi! A little background: I have trained my vocals with a college instructor for roughly four years, I haven't had a lesson in nearly two. The reason I say this is because I had posted on Yahoo forums only to be lectured without constructive criticism by someone who had the information I was asking about only because I was hoping someone would provide it free of charge. I am a student. I am also broke. Whenever I can afford to, I will reinvest in a vocal coach because I am aware that not having one has lead me to developing bad habits. She pretty much told me I shouldn't sing at all without years of proper training; in other words, said my vocals sucked! My techniques are full of bad habits. I need help analyzing them and figuring out what I can do to release the tension and build a stronger, healthier voice--that much is certain--but I am determined to learn the techniques used by a specific singer. Anyways, here is a song of mine for example. I did every part by myself, I also produced it with Cubase LE 5 and Ozone, but I am a crap producer and I don't have great equipment. The vocals are also completely random and nonsensical because I am more concerned about the tone of my voice at the moment and would like to address that before I do any serious song writing.. This song was really just an effort to get myself out there in the first place, but I'm apprehensive to advertise myself because of the quality of my voice. Here are a few more random examples. Clip C isn't my backing track...just to clarify. It's only for an example. I'm bothered by this in a few ways. For one thing, there's no smoothness in my tone. For another, I'm shouting at times. I am actively aware of my diaphragm and attempting to further naturalize my reaction to breath down into it, but the control seems to be an issue...I've heard that I need more breath while singing higher, but I can't separate myself from pushing the notes and it actually seems like I'm using less air...I feel like the only thing that sounds good most of the time is my distorted belts.. It should probably be worth mentioning that I had a background in metal too. I was unable to learn my screaming method under a I think I may be fry screaming and I've heard that was bad as well. Could that be relative to my incorrect executions of belted distortion? I am very fond of the distorted belt, one used by my favorite singer, Jonny Craig. This song here is amazing, it's my goal to be able to sing this correctly without strain in my own unique voice. But, I would be content with starting off this song correctly without strain to build up to more challenging techniques. I am under no disillusion that I can make my voice sound like his. However, I want to be a better singer, and I am determined to reach this magnitude of greatness. The only problem is that I'm broke, although I have a job, and live in a very plain area in Missouri that harbors very few musicians or coaches who can help me achieve these goals. I live about an hour away from St. Louis. If I knew of a coach there that could help me out, that might be a decent start. I could probably even take some exercises and run with those. Most of my equipment can run my voice back into my headphones, which gives me a good representation of my overall tone, which helps me decipher where I can improve...this has actually helped me improve dramatically in the past week or so. Thank you in advanced for your services! I'm looking forward to hearing your critiques.
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  18. Hello Let me introduce myself!I'm Chryssanthemis.I'm a singer and a vocal coach.I sing using the speech level singing technique.This is my rock cover in "Take me to Church" .This is 100% live sound.Just let me know if you like.
  19. Hi Good folks in this forum. I am back after a gap. I have been busy with work and also on trying to improve my technique. So I wanted to take a break and post after I felt like I made progress.. I also had some issues with getting my credit card to work!!! IT was pointed to me last time around that the effort during my belting was very much obvious and it sounded strained. In my quest to fix this problem, I have gone back to drawing board(won't we all love to sing full sounding F4-C5 without strain:) ) and tried to address it in a way that works for me and here is the outcome. This was a single take, so there are a few pitchy spots. But please point out any flaws you here purely from a tonal quality. Thanks in advance to anyone who drops in a few words..
  20. Hey all I wanted to show you the first attempt of Eye of the Tiger I've done in a while. I want to study this song and master it, I'd really like to have it as repertoire. Thanks in advance for any comments
  21. Soooo I haven't been on here in over a year. I been so busy with work and school It downed a lot of my music time. After halting a lot of bad habits and bettering myself, I have started to practice again. Let me know what you think of my first rough recording.of the year! Now I know its probably not the best, especially I since I used my karaoke mic and not the condenser, I'm working on improving. I'm just looking for some good old constructive criticism.
  22. Welcome to the jungle

    Did this one today, this is a challenging song in many ways for me. I'm trying to use this song to strengthen headvoice and deepen the headvoice placement, relying more on CT muscle or whatever is going on (leaning into headvoice instead of chest), and letting the TA relax more. So easily this becomes shouting and full power, I try not to. Also trying to manage the abundance of words and consonants What do you guys think?
  23. Wrote and recorded a spooky little intro this morning, possibly to be included somewhere in my band's upcoming EP. Tell me what you think of technique, mixing, ect.
  24. Here's a recording from this evening, now I tried recording audio with 2 mic's and a line out from guitar (one of the mic's visible, other one as a room mic). I think it was KillerKu who in one of my previous covers pointed out I should make more of an effort with the recording setup. It's not yet where I want it to be with the audio, but getting better I think. Anyway - I like this song, it's fun to sing and leaves room for playing around with distortion.
  25. Hi fellas, here's a little vid of a show i did last week. Just my band and i singing ACDC Let's Play Ball. Hope you enjoy, any comments and critiques welcome! See ya. UPDATED VERSION (last weekend gig)