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Found 38 results

  1. Mercedes Benz Please excuse the outro. And yes it's me singing with JJ in the background. Thoughts?
  2. Are we gonna go ahead and do this? Felipe was the first to say it, but he hasn't made the thread yet. For anybody who doesn't know, this is essentially just a tribute thread. You may have seen the Challenge sub-forum. We regularly suggest songs based on certain criteria (genre, artist, certain themes). We then post covers of those songs. It's not a competition. The actual challenge is against yourself; to take something and see what you can do with it.
  3. Hello! So I just recorded 2 tunes (first takes, lots of mistakes, but i just wanted to record something) Im looking to sing with my band and would like to know if im on the right track (since this is a type of register i've never used in a live/public setting so i dont know if the vocal placement for these songs is correct). These songs are somewhat outside my singing comfort zone and what we usually play (in terms of vocal range and registers), but i would love to expand my repertoire. To give an idea my most demanding song right now is toxicity (SOAD)(with some chest pulling here and there). I've been a musician for 11 years but only been singing for 5 years now, and only had proper vocal training for about a year (not currently) mostly focusing on pitch, correct breathing, chesty high notes, etc... but nothing of this kind, so there is this desire to get into these types of songs. Also, the "technique" im using for both songs feels (in my throat) the same to me, but it somehow feels more suited for the high notes heard in the scorpions tune, than in the skid row one. so I would love to know (if someone can give some input on this) why do i get two seemingly different results with the same technique? Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you Jesse
  4. Hi Folks, This video really highlights all of the style and skill inside M.J.'s vocals. I thought it would be enlightening to hear, study and digest. All the little embellishments and techniques he used, some exclusive to only him. It's a great resource if you want to tackle that one and cover it well. Vocals begin around 46 seconds in.
  5. Remembering Pat Upton

    A lot of folks may not know this singer by name, but he had one of the most recognizable voices in the late 60's and was famous for this one great tune (below). He passed away on July 28th, 2016, cause of death not known. I remember trying to sing this in bands, and fighting the key change I absolutely needed...LOL. Bruno Mars covered it a full step down. A true classic from 1969. 2 videos, One original, and his known last performance. R.I.P. Pat!
  6. VocalMatch Team is organizing an online contest for singers and songwriters to showcase their talent around the globe. Grab a Chance to Win $3000 cash prize and a VocalMatch Trophy. Hurry Up!! All Entries are Accepted Till July 1st,2016.Citizens of Europe and USA are invited for this competition!! For More Information Visit our Website :
  7. I bet Hungary will get many votes from the audience, because though men write the songs, the girls are the fans! Hungary is a young boy that looks like getting the female support. Let's see. Are you watching? What's your bet?
  8. I finally had the time to practice and recorded this lovely song. The effects were compressor, EQ, Delay and Reverb. I would like to thank Rob Lunte for inspiring me to work in this song. I know it is still rough in several patches but I hope with time and work it will become a worthy cover.
  9. Hey Guys Check out my cover of "Love Yourself" on Youtube. Reply with your own LIVE cover recordings!
  10. So, I just found out that Stone Temple Pilots is looking for a vocalist. you can audition here
  11. hello robert... i got your FPS 2.0 and i started doing it and it is too good. not much teachers know their stuff well but teachers like you are a light in the dark. i sing a lot of stevie wonder songs but i find difficult to maintain easy tone on top notes for instance the ending of lately and i break a lot in his songs . can u please help me in this.
  12. Good rock songs for beginners

    I would like to add some songs to my daily vocal practice, but most of the songs I like invove belting long phrases around A4-C5. I wanted to avoid frustration, so I came here to ask you: What are some good rock songs for beginners to practice? Thank you.
  13. Whistle Voice (warm up)- Chryssanthemis!
  14. Hello, We're a professional ghost producer duo. Anyway. We've decided to make a remix. We would like to find some new vocalists who are up for the challenge at hand of basically, giving us an acapella of some lyrics of a popular song. Comment in this thread if you're up for it. It may be completely different to what you're usually used to singing... The original song is called Father Said and it's by Skrillex. Simply go on Youtube, and type those details in. You should find it. Anyone up for giving us a rocky acapella? We will post the end result here too. Also crediting this forum for helping us. You can reach us at our personal e-mail: (All legal matters will be discussed privately) Kind regards Ghost.
  15. Hello everyone, my name is George Ruiz. I'm the creator and CEO of an all new worldwide, online singing contest named SuperXtar. I want to get the word out to as many people as possible. Anyone from around the world is welcome to check it out, whether submitting a video yourself or as one of the countless voters. Singers AND random Voters can win THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN BITCOINS! (Promo video Just look at these amazing prizes that our sponsor VrTuoTV has for SINGERS like you: Every Week $1,000 in Bitcoins for the Weekly Winner. $5,000 in Bitcoins to each Monthly Winner The twelve Monthly Winners, each with two companions will be flown from anywhere around the world to the Grand Finale site in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Hotel and meal packages for 10 days, plus tour and transportation around Nashville. Monthly Winners will participate in the VrTuo TV reality show: ‘Who Wrote That?’ Grand finale prizes: $25,000 for third place and $50,000 for second place. The winner will receive $100,000 plus a recording contract and a restored Harley Davidson Motorcycle. All Winners will receive free promotion in all of our social media channels. We have more than 114K followers in Twitter, 44K fans in Facebook and over 13K Linkedin connections. Our followers are from all parts of the world and your video would be enjoyed worldwide. Plus, some very important people in the entertainment world follow us and may notice your talent! Also, every Week our sponsor will give $4,000 in Bitcoins to random Voters as well. Yes, your fans will be delighted to know that they can win money voting for you! You can find answers to any of your questions in FAQ in our website New contest starts on November 04, 2015. To participate, submit your video to today. Thank you very much!
  16. Chryssanthemis - Listen (Live)

    "Listen" is οne of four new songs written for the feature version of Dreamgirls (originally a 1981 Broadway musical). Ιt's lyrics make reference to tenacity, love, the refusal to defer dreams and finally rise towards fame.In the film version of Dreamgirls, Knowles portrays the character of Deena Jones, a pop singer loosely based on Motown star Diana Ross. The story explores the life of The Dreamettes (based on The Supremes), a fictional 1960s group of three female singers,whose manager Curtis Taylor (based on Berry Gordy and played by Jamie Foxx) manipulates their personal and professional relationships.I Hope you Enjoy it!Official Facebook Page: Music Arts Facebook Page: : Music Studios Facebook Page: Editing: Modern Music StudiosElectric Guitar: Steve SovolosPianoAikaterini DeliyiannidouBass Guitar: Dimitris VerginisKeyboards: Kleanthis KonstantinidisDrums: Fotis Yiannopoulos
  17. Chryssanthemis - Je T'aime (Live)

    "Je T'aime" : is a romantic French-pop ballad of Lara Fabian, included in the album “Pure” (1996), Lara Fabian is a multilingual Belgian, Canadian lyric soprano had sung songs in French, Italian, Spanish, and English, Portuguese, Hebrew and Greek.The song expresses the love and pain that a woman feels for her beloved!I Hope you enjoy it!Official Facebook Page: Music Arts Facebook Page: : Music Studios Facebook Page: - Lyrics: Lara Fabian & Rick AlisonVideo Editing: Modern Music StudiosElectric Guitar: Steve SovoDrums: Fotis YiannopoulosBass Guitar: Dimitris VerginisPiano: Aikaterini DeliyiannidouKeyboards: Kleanthis Konstantinidis
  18. Hello Let me introduce myself!I'm Chryssanthemis.I'm a singer and a vocal coach.I sing using the speech level singing technique.This is my rock cover in "Take me to Church" .This is 100% live sound.Just let me know if you like.
  19. Chryssanthemis - At Last (Cover)

    Hello! I want to share with you my Official Cover of the song At Last. Is a song of Etta James which is one of my biggest influences in jazz singing. The song’s lyrics refer to the love of a young woman that’s finally fulfilled. This song encapsulates the youth spirit of 1960’s. First Official Release: November 15,1960 by Etta James.The song was originally written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren for the musical film Orchestra Wives (1941), starring George Montgomery and Ann Rutherford.I Hope you enjoy it!Recorded - Produced & Mastered at Modern Music Studios Official Facebook Page: Music Arts Facebook Page: : Music Studios Facebook Page: (Chrysanthi Papanikolaou) &Steve Sovolos Video Production: at Modern Music Studios.
  20. *OPEN VOCALIST AUDITIONS*Impact Event is in search of a pop-rock vocalist. Female preferred, but open to all. Those interested please email"2114" can be listened to here: You can find out most information about the band on our website here:
  21. Greetings, I'm a new member here so please let me know if I do something wrong. I am a composer looking for a female vocalist. You do not need to be perfect or even try to be. Just be yourself. I am the nicest and easiest person in the world to work with. Yes there is a certain sound I'm looking for, but maybe once I hear you I will change my mind. Please don't be shy. The only thing I am hard on is the country music twang. I cant do that. Please have a look at and I have a VERY unique writing style. The above links have a very limited song choice, but its my copyright free audition stuff. Short to the point. The vocalist I'm looking for is not just for one song and then I'm done with you, but rather I'm looking for someone that can become a part of Eramyth for long term. I'm also very willing to write music to and for your lyrics melodies for Eramyth. BUT I'm also willing to write music for YOU! Email if interested Robby