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Found 44 results

  1. Been a little while since the last one was proposed and started. We've done genre-related challenges, which are self descriptive, and theme-related challenges. What are you up for next? Say it loud and proud!
  2. Hi Folks, This video really highlights all of the style and skill inside M.J.'s vocals. I thought it would be enlightening to hear, study and digest. All the little embellishments and techniques he used, some exclusive to only him. It's a great resource if you want to tackle that one and cover it well. Vocals begin around 46 seconds in.
  3. Another challenge that people wanted to do, The Nationals Challenge! In this challenge, we will sing songs about our countries and songs about the places within. It's great for people to sing their national anthems but lets challenge ourselves and not just select short songs.
  4. It's that time of the year! A number of artists have just put out Holiday-themed albums, such as R. Kelly, The Rascal Flatts and Neil Diamond. Christmas, as well as some other holidays, are now upon us. There are literally tons of songs that can be sung here. So, who would be up for a Holiday Season challenge?
  5. As we just about come up on the halfway point of 2016, we've unfortunately lost several big names in music. Prince, David Bowie, and Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire, just to name a few. This is a challenge where we will challenge ourselves by selecting a song from the catalog of one of these great artists and attempting to sing it ourselves. The only requirement for this challenge is that the song must be by somebody who passed away in 2016. As far as time limits for this one goes, I was thinking about 45 days but suggestions are welcome.
  6. A lot of folks may not know this singer by name, but he had one of the most recognizable voices in the late 60's and was famous for this one great tune (below). He passed away on July 28th, 2016, cause of death not known. I remember trying to sing this in bands, and fighting the key change I absolutely needed...LOL. Bruno Mars covered it a full step down. A true classic from 1969. 2 videos, One original, and his known last performance. R.I.P. Pat!
  7. I'm now remembering that, some months ago, we were working on voting for a song for one of our new genre challenges. One song seemed to get a lot of suggestions, but because of the selection process, it did not get chosen. Things must be kept uniform and fair, but the most important thing that goes on here is that we choose the challenge songs that everybody wants to sing. With that being said, who would still be up for an I Can't Make You Love me Challenge?
  8. I bet Hungary will get many votes from the audience, because though men write the songs, the girls are the fans! Hungary is a young boy that looks like getting the female support. Let's see. Are you watching? What's your bet?
  9. I finally had the time to practice and recorded this lovely song. The effects were compressor, EQ, Delay and Reverb. I would like to thank Rob Lunte for inspiring me to work in this song. I know it is still rough in several patches but I hope with time and work it will become a worthy cover.
  10. Hey Guys Check out my cover of "Love Yourself" on Youtube. Reply with your own LIVE cover recordings!
  11. hello robert... i got your FPS 2.0 and i started doing it and it is too good. not much teachers know their stuff well but teachers like you are a light in the dark. i sing a lot of stevie wonder songs but i find difficult to maintain easy tone on top notes for instance the ending of lately and i break a lot in his songs . can u please help me in this.
  12. I would like to add some songs to my daily vocal practice, but most of the songs I like invove belting long phrases around A4-C5. I wanted to avoid frustration, so I came here to ask you: What are some good rock songs for beginners to practice? Thank you.
  14. "Listen" is οne of four new songs written for the feature version of Dreamgirls (originally a 1981 Broadway musical). Ιt's lyrics make reference to tenacity, love, the refusal to defer dreams and finally rise towards fame.In the film version of Dreamgirls, Knowles portrays the character of Deena Jones, a pop singer loosely based on Motown star Diana Ross. The story explores the life of The Dreamettes (based on The Supremes), a fictional 1960s group of three female singers,whose manager Curtis Taylor (based on Berry Gordy and played by Jamie Foxx) manipulates their personal and professional relationships.I Hope you Enjoy it!Official Facebook Page: Music Arts Facebook Page: : Music Studios Facebook Page: Editing: Modern Music StudiosElectric Guitar: Steve SovolosPianoAikaterini DeliyiannidouBass Guitar: Dimitris VerginisKeyboards: Kleanthis KonstantinidisDrums: Fotis Yiannopoulos
  15. "Je T'aime" : is a romantic French-pop ballad of Lara Fabian, included in the album “Pure” (1996), Lara Fabian is a multilingual Belgian, Canadian lyric soprano had sung songs in French, Italian, Spanish, and English, Portuguese, Hebrew and Greek.The song expresses the love and pain that a woman feels for her beloved!I Hope you enjoy it!Official Facebook Page: Music Arts Facebook Page: : Music Studios Facebook Page: - Lyrics: Lara Fabian & Rick AlisonVideo Editing: Modern Music StudiosElectric Guitar: Steve SovoDrums: Fotis YiannopoulosBass Guitar: Dimitris VerginisPiano: Aikaterini DeliyiannidouKeyboards: Kleanthis Konstantinidis
  16. Hello Let me introduce myself!I'm Chryssanthemis.I'm a singer and a vocal coach.I sing using the speech level singing technique.This is my rock cover in "Take me to Church" .This is 100% live sound.Just let me know if you like.
  17. Hello! I want to share with you my Official Cover of the song At Last. Is a song of Etta James which is one of my biggest influences in jazz singing. The song’s lyrics refer to the love of a young woman that’s finally fulfilled. This song encapsulates the youth spirit of 1960’s. First Official Release: November 15,1960 by Etta James.The song was originally written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren for the musical film Orchestra Wives (1941), starring George Montgomery and Ann Rutherford.I Hope you enjoy it!Recorded - Produced & Mastered at Modern Music Studios Official Facebook Page: Music Arts Facebook Page: : Music Studios Facebook Page: (Chrysanthi Papanikolaou) &Steve Sovolos Video Production: at Modern Music Studios.
  18. Sergio Calafiura filming a video tutorial on how to sing different styles of music. Be sure to watch the entire video tutorial at the Sergio Calafiura YouTube Channel..., coming soon!
  19. Thought it might be cool if we all put together a list of songs that can present challenges with regard to how the breath is managed. Whether it be the insertion of a very quick catch breath(s), cutting back or adding breath compression, sustaining a break note, and other challenges as it particularly pertains to the management of the breath. I've been learning a lot of new songs lately, putting together a duo with my friend. This particular song I found needed to be worked out really well with regard to breath management. It's more difficult than it appears. I think it helps when you understand why it can be challenging, then take the steps to fix it. Besides the obvious breath management you also need to have those vowels spot on and just the right amount of compression to get ring. The straight tone notes are smack in the break....D4 to D4# to E4 Please post your's.
  20. Hey guys, I'm new here. I started singing class just 6 months ago and 4 days ago I took for the first time "the stage" to perform Stars from Les Miserables. I'm sorry if I'm shakey sometimes, but it was my first time performing in public and I was really nervous. What do you think?
  21. The Idea of the challenge is no so much to sing in a particular style.....It is more along the lines of taking a singer out of his comfort zone and trying something new. Maybe .....What if this song were arranged for another Genre rather that the one it is currently identified with. I am not much of a Jazz here it is more on the Folk side.