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Found 728 results

  1. Austin Rivera

    Singing sounds so bland

    A little background, I've been singing for 3 years but within those three years I'll admit, I haven't really been faithful and practices that much. I'd have a 30 minutes vocal lesson then practice once in that week, but now I want to be fully serious. I honestly don't find much improvement (apart from my vocal range growing), so that's why I came here. Anyways, here are some of my songs, try not to cringe... (May be transposed down) (and sorry for any rattling sounds) November 2016: (So horrible lol April 30 2017: April/May/June 2018: June 2018: June - July 2018: July 2018: I don't know, my voice sounds like it's flat, as if it is super boring. Please help! I really want critical and specific feed back if possible. Thanks!
  2. I think lots of people here might have heard somebody say that a voice gave them chills. What is it about a voice that can trigger this kind of response in somebody's body? This question could also even be extended to an emotional response period.
  3. I never took lessons or really sang much in public before but I just want feedback if I start. Thank you
  4. Hi there, Why does this spectrogram of me singing a scale show more than one frequency at the same time?
  5. Hi all, I would really apreciate to get your opinion on my voice and my covers below with many kind of music (Pop/Acoustic/Piano-voice...) SoundCloud link to my covers : Let me thank you in advance for your feedback ! Best Taha
  6. ilovemyself

    Singing intervals

    I've been singing Swedish traditional music with a vocal ensemble this spring. I sounded good in the ensemble, I think. The leader (the teacher) was happy with my singing. At home when checking with a tuning app (on cellphone) I could not sing the correct intervals. Eg. I was supposee to sing G-E but would hit Eb instead of E. After some practice and testing I hit E. Is ensemble singing easier? What is going on?
  7. Mt.Wal

    Ed Sheeran - Happier

    Hello ! New cover of Ed Sheeran songs: Happier Hope you'll like it ;) Fell free to comment, Thanks !
  8. Please participate in this poll... this "Poll" post has been opened up for discussion as well...   That statistic on warming up is interesting.... almost 50/50.
  9. Brix

    Just passing by

    I'm sorry about the quality. I'm too lazy to buy a mic. Can anyone give me feedback on my singing? I'm starting to think I'm damaging people's ears.
  10. Hi, I'm 18 years old and I wonder what my voice type is, so I can make proper repertoire choices. I lowest note I ever sung was F#2, the highest E6. My lowest notes are A2 - C3, and they often fade away depending on whether I'm sick, dehydrated or fatigued. Usually I sing from D3 to F4. If you need to hear me, I've got some singing samples on the blog below. I'd love to hear your opinion. Thanks! Link:
  11. Hey I just started to sing and would love to get some feedback on how my voice sounds. Here's a snippet of a cover I did to Without You by Spooky Black (Corbin). Thanks!
  12. ilovemyself

    Getting people to sing

    What is the typical range of an untrained male singer? I have heard from a teacher that everything under C can be a bit low for some men. This song has a range that might be big for an untrained singer: If a typical untrained male were to sing it what would be the best key? And what key would be best if a woman would sing a long as well? I wanted to perform this tune with people who might join in and sing with me when I'm accompanying them on the piano or accordion. It be nice if you experts could give me some advice. Even if the key were wrong for them it might be possible that they themselve would just join in anyway without realising how bad it sounds, right?
  13. Singing is the art of producing musical sounds with the voice and augments regular speech by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm, and the most important thing, a variety of vocal techniques. Sure the one who listens to songs are known as the listener (Song listeners) but the one who sings the songs are called singer or vocalist as well. If you are the one who is interested to learn singing but due to busy schedule can't join any Musical Training Institute or center then don't be sad I have best alternative for you. As World is moving toward digital so you can learn music online as well, There are lots of music training Sites / Teachers available. You can Learn Music On Youtube or you get paid skype classes as well If want to know about more sources to Learn Music then I suggest you to go check out singing-Life Blog. Singing Life was the one of most helpful source for me to learn music when I was struggling to learn hope you are going to get advantage from it as well. Best of Luck Don't forget to leave Feedback
  14. Please go visit my channel and view a few videos .pleassse Watch "Payton Sells Music" on YouTube
  15. Please go visit my channel and view a few videos.
  16. Please go and visited my channel and view some videos
  17. Hi everyone, I asked for feedback here over a year ago and really took the advice to heart! I've been practicing some more, but feel that I've kind of hit a wall with improvement. I want to become technically better and have a stronger voice (I feel I sound weak when I sing) and better vocal control. Any suggestions on what I could work on in particular? I'm open to any kind of constructive criticism since I want to get to the next level, thank you in advance to anyone responding! My Soundcloud:
  18. OK Hi guys , I know when I was back in High School , I felt I could very much sing like one of my favorite singers , which would be DANIEL JOHNS of Silverchair. Now when I was in HS , I obviously had to speak alot , I was also a real loud mouth in general , Ever since I am not in high school anymore I obviously have not used my vocals much as I don't have people to interact with much , It's been 10 years , So wouldn't it make sense I simply don't have the same Strength anymore ? Any tips on how I can get back on track with this style ? I have took notice he does the big breaths on the vowels.
  19. I'm trying out some quick answer videos on Youtube, addressing questions I've gotten from students, in comments, and more. Here's my first. It's not meant to be a comprehensive answer, rather a quick tip that demonstrates the one thing I've seen help the most for singers dealing regularly with vocal fatigue, "vowel anchoring" and "relaxed speech." I plan to do a follow up about sobbing for higher notes. Let me know if you have any questions.
  20. I'm Noah, I'm from New Zealand, and I'm almost 15. I've been singing for about 4 years now, mostly in the 3rd octave (My voice dropped relatively early, around 12). However, I'd like to build up some confidence in my upper register (above say G4), where up until now I've resorted to yelling (small clip provided) This threshold used to be a lot lower, close to E4, but over time this has moved up. What I think I know about my voice. Based on my dad's range and tone (we both have the same range, about D2-C6) I think I am a tenor, albeit slightly lower set. My passaggio seems to be between Eb4-G4 I'd like to develop a mixed coordination of some sort so I don't have to yell when singing notes in the upper 4th octave, and also to be able to connect my falsetto to my full voice. I've been working on this for a few months now, and I've found that I am able to slide smoothly between my chest voice and falsetto on a closed "oo" or "ii" vowel. This is only going up though (I can't slide bACK from falsetto to chest w/o breaking). I have also found another voice that is connected to my chest that I can take pretty high (goes up to C#5 on a good day, which is my highest yelled note; i've managed to get it to around an f5 on some occasions), but it is veRY VERY light (also an example provided). My question is: What exercises do I need to be using, how do I use them effectively, and what is this mysterious upper voice? Thank you (excuse the whistle at the beginning, i was messing around lol) Ballad Of Mona Lisa.mp4 Head Voice?.mp4
  21. So, I'm really not a singer at all. I don't know anything about it! However, I would just like feedback on if my voice is good enough to pursue singing and get lessons. I'm also kinda sick, so this doesn't sound too great, lol. I just don't want to pay for lessons just for them to tell me that I'm not cut out for it. Again, I'm not a singer, so while I appreciate all feedback, I probably won't understand anything super detailed. Also, pls excuse my gaelic pronunciation and my voice breaking here and there, my throat hurts like hell ^^
  22. I started a thread on the LP reddit, and was hoping for some people to discuss this with. Without getting too crazy, not only what we are hearing is impossible, if you slow it down to .25 you can hear 2 voices at once being modulated at the same time. Humans can't do this. also in the end has come cute masonic alphabet in it. These guys have many secrets.
  23. I don't think it's called vibrato because it's much faster I want to know the word for it so i can do some research on how i can achieve it. In this 2 second mp3, the singer does it when saying (Mad) example.mp3