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Found 36 results

  1. Hello Modern Vocalist World! I just wanna thank Robert Lunte for his labor - the secret is revealed. For I was searching, trying, doubting... And finally TVS. So practical, exact explanations, awesome! Here I am singing and playing on this video: Vinni
  2. I've been an instrumentalist for a long time, but recently started training with a vocal teacher for the first time ever. She's a classical person, and knows her stuff there, but is flat-out against all breathy tones and dirty tones as impossible to do healthily. Moreover, she's telling me I have a big opera Baritenor kind of voice, completely unsuited to rock/metal vocals, as most rock singers have very thin voices. I wonder if she is right or not (She also says pretty much 100% of all 'those singers' shred their vocal chords and sing over nodules they develop and get surgery or steroids behind the scenes to keep them going - don't know if anyone here would like to challenge the veracity of that?) One of the reasons I went to her was because I had no earthly clue how to do some of the things I was hearing from my favorite vocalists. I could do my 'quasi-opera' voice, I could do a decent impression of Meatloaf and big clean tones like that. But Soundgarden/Chris Cornell type vocals? Nope. Dio or James Hetfield? Not a chance. And death metal cookie monster stuff? No way. I can't even imagine where in your voice that comes from, I seem completely incapable of doing that, or in general putting any hair on my tone at all. I thought I was just missing the technique, but is it possible I just don't have a voice conducive to that type of thing?
  3. Does professional and the vibrant and pleasant vocal tones develop over a long time? I am not currently satisfied with my range and tone especially and I want to be able to develop more and more. How is he able to manipulate his tone so well comparing the first two videos and third video? It's almost as if he's two different singers.. Personal questions: I have been singing for a while now but only recently throughout 2016 I have "Properly practiced" getting rid of my bad habits, fixing tone, pitch, etc. 1. Is it normal that after I started to do so, my range increased VERY FAST. In a span of 4-6 months, I am able now to reach the notes he is singing that otherwise BEFORE I would just choke and sound like I am shouting. Just curious because I am worried I might be destroying my voice by pushing it too hard. There are times before I damaged my voice by improper technique which I guess somehow made my voice range increase as a short cut? is that even possible? I tend to just go all out when I sing right after doing my workouts. Example song I practice is the first video I post below.. ( I am currently using Ken Tamplin's workouts, if that is helpful in any way). ONE IMPORTANT thing to note is that as I go up in pitch and shed my weight, It feels like the TONE of my voice gets higher as well. It's like I sound chesty in the lower ranges then suddenly like little kid in the higher ranges. I also tend to MIMIC singers for a long time... sadly.. is it normal that I am mimicing their style in every different singer? I feel like it doesn't sound "right" if I don't sing with their TONE. 2. As I go higher in pitch, is it normal to feel like something in my mask/palate area to NARROW DOWN? It feels like my mask area is flexing and my chords are very tightly closing. IT ISN'T PAINFUL. Or is this improper technique? Am I suppose to feel COMPLETELY OPEN? When I try to keep it completely open it feels like my voice goes SPLAT and airy and it hurts. Sometimes I feel like I am overwhelmed wondering if I am singing right or am I singing improperly even following his lessons and achieving growth. Anyways heres, the singer. How is his technique? It'll be awesome if there are some veterans or experienced singers to guide a newbie like myself to achieve this versatility in terms of programs and what I need to do. How does everyone here see Ken Tamplin's program?... Thank you!!
  4. Rob Halford, 65 today. Super iconic singer some songs and vids I grew up on This one also happens to have a "model" guitar solo Insane vocals
  5. Also, what does vocal distortion mean exactly? Because I put this question in this tag, but I'm not really sure if it belongs in this tag.
  6. this vocal affect I'm not sure how it works but it seems similar to distortion and vocal fry. I've been able to mimic it and want to continue to expand its use but lately I can't recall how to make it happen. listen to the wobble In the first line 'I found god on the corner of first and amistod', what is that is it compression? does it have to do with nasality? I notice it usually shows as vowels approach the nasal syllable n. Perhaps it's a pharyngeal wobble/vocal fry? another example if you skip to 3:38 on the word gone
  7. This is just a quick recording, Using what I call "Fake" voice. I am playing with a little rasp. While growing up and singing with relatives they would condemn me for NOT using "MY NATURAL" voice. So I got stuck thinking to "Fake it" was a wrong thing to do. I think that some of this is on the right path to "Singing" rather than what I was doing before and thinking that I was "Singing" using my "Natural" voice. So if you would .......... Point out what is "Right" rather than just saying it sucks and I need more lessons. Thanks.
  8. I don't usually sing torch-y rock stuff like this but I love listening to it and heavier stuff within the genre. Wanted to try something new. Any and all feedback is welcome.
  9. Hello, I'm desperately trying to emulate the hard vocal style of Maynard James Keenan for a cover of "Passenger". I know i'm not a natural tenor, but the notes -- the fry scream sound -- it's all there. Just not the chest-like fullness of his voice during the chorus. Mine is like a whisper of my chest voice, then the head voice, and then a powerful, raspy fry (think "Sail" or Manson's scream). My guess is that most people who try sing this song fail because i've never heard a good cover : /
  10. So my previous singing teacher/vocal coach of a couple of years is holding singing auditions for a production and she told me it'd be great if I could audition but the songs in the actual play that I'm auditioning for has a lot of old rock songs with the growling voices and distortion and well as 90's pop and soft rock. Problem is, I've been Estill trained since the very beginning, and I've been taught that I shouldn't growl too much because it requires constriction of my false vocal cords (or the newly discovered way with the aryntinoids which I know nothing about), so while I can do it, I know that even if I do it for the auditions, I'll not be able to withstand the growling constantly during the actual show. Do you guys think that I can get away with doing a 90's rock ballad or adding growl-like sounds through glottal attack instead? Thanks so much!
  11. Robert Lunte - "Nocturne" I love this song, I hope you do too... Some of you have heard this. This is the Final production. Special thanks to my team Zack Uidl, Jason Shavey and Clay Copeland.
  12. Happy New Year! A song I wrote with and produced with "Thin Black Line". Engineered at Synergy Productions. Probably influenced a bit by Peter Murphy's album, "Deep", which is is characterized by rich, baritone sound colors, minus the super high screams of course because Peter Murphy doesn't scream like this. Hope you enjoy it. To learn more about TVS training, check out our program for singers here: Cloud Burst, from unlit skies cloud bust, from unleht skuh-eez Onward – Way ward lives Now pretend, until you overcome Now Prehtend, un tell yuh ovuh come And decent, Hide from everyone hand dehsend , hud from everyone chorus I would be your eyes I well beh yuh uh-eez When you look away, and I When yuh luck uh weh Would be your dreams Wud beh yuh-r drehms At the Break of Day, and… hat thuh brehk ov deh hand I would be your fear) I wuld beh yuh-r fehr On the night we pray and I………. Hon duh nuh-eet weh prey hand duh-ee Now wonder, where secret lies And hunger - Until you realize Chorus I would be your eyes I well bay yuh uh-eez When you look away, and I When yuh luck uh weh Would be your dreams Wud bay yuh-r drayms At the Break of Day, and… hat thuh brehk ov deh hand I would be your fear) I wuld beh yuh-r fehr On the night we pray and I………. Hon duh nuh-eet weh prey hand duh-ee I!!!!! HI am this life W&R Onset I am this life I am this LIFEE!! I am this life I am this life I am this LIFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Solo---------- 3:17 SCREAMING!!! I would be your eyes When you look away, and I Would be your dreams At the Break of Day, and... I Would be you your fear On the nights we pray and I………. I am this life X15
  13. Hi there! I am new to this forum but I am going crazy and I need an analysis of technique or opinions of this singer! (Specifically 2:47 - 3:05) How is he able to pull so much weight up sounding full without narrowing his tone into (best way I can describe it) a little boys voice?! Compared to the 2nd video where (same song and singer) he just transitions to (correct me if I'm wrong) to mixed/head voice. or is he doing something completely different? (2nd video : 2:34 - 2:47) The singer is Korean! Thank you!
  14. I'm having trouble replicating the screams of this singer (Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots). Does anyone know what technique he might be using to scream? Whenever I try I just end up with a sore throat. How is he able to scream without damaging his vocal chords? And how does he scream that high and sing screaming? Thank you!
  15. Hi, I'm new on this forum. I'm 15 years old and I'm going through my vocal change so maybe that has something to do with my problems. I have two main problems. The first one is my clean voice sounds really gay. When I talk I don't sound like this but when I sing (especially high notes) I do. The other problem is I'd like to sing aggressively, but I don't know how. I'd like to sing aggressively but without screaming, something like Jeremy McKinnon (vocalist of A Day to Remember) when he sings choruses, but I don't know which techniques I have to use (I don't actually know what the tags I've put on this topic really mean) or if my voice is able to do it (I think I have a high range but I'm not sure either). As you can see I'm quite lost, still don't know if I have a good voice or a really bad one, maybe singing is just not my thing, who knows. However, I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me a solution to my problems. Thanks a lot. PD: Sorry for my English.
  16. Sad News Rock, Legend Lemmy Kilmster lead singer and Bassist of Motorhead has passed. He had been battling a few health problems in the last few years. He found out that he had a very aggressive Cancer on the 26th of December. He will be greatly missed.
  17. I notice that this is something that a lot of people seem to be interested in, so I decided it might be cool to have a discussion. As some people know, and I have found out, over the last year, just calling something a "raspy effect" isn't that descriptive. There are different kinds of effects that are generated in different ways. In this topic, let's talk about, and post videos of, the execution of these techniques.
  18. before anything let me just say I'm new here and it's kind of bad to start already asking a question, but I'll definitely be a around a lot, some users on a music production forum guided me here so i'll use this one for singing discussion! (I tried searching for a thread on this and I didn't get anything) now, this is something that I have literally lost sleep over, I have, multiple times got out of bed in the middle of the night telling myself like "it's now, I'll learn how to do it right now" that's how desperate I am. I'm 22 and I've been singing since i was 14/16 and even though i don't have a huuuge range, I'm a tenor, and I do have a pretty consistent and strong, present, powerful voice, really clean too, and I've never been able to sing like what made me want to learn how to sing which was when I heard "Morphine", by Michael Jackson. I can sing that whole song, belting those notes, everything, but it comes out clean, I can't get raspy iike that. He already had started using that grunt voice on Bad, but not to the level of Dangerous, and definitely not to the level of Morphine and that's exactly what I want to do. A lot of people tell me you just get it with age, with wearing your voice down, but I just can't believe it, there must be a way because Michael could switch it on and off (check Chicago, for example). I think one of the problems is that I don't fully understand what's going on. He can get that distortion going at really lower volumes (or appear to be low) and I can't understand how that happens. On "Morphine" he is singing the in the same range in both the verses and chorus, but in the chorus he sings it clean...? Any tips? Is there anything on the 4 Pillars program that could help me achieve it? Thanks in advance, really appreciate it!
  19. A quick attempt at the scream from dream on. I have always had trouble with this but within the last week or 2 it has become very easy!!
  20. Hi! A little background: I have trained my vocals with a college instructor for roughly four years, I haven't had a lesson in nearly two. The reason I say this is because I had posted on Yahoo forums only to be lectured without constructive criticism by someone who had the information I was asking about only because I was hoping someone would provide it free of charge. I am a student. I am also broke. Whenever I can afford to, I will reinvest in a vocal coach because I am aware that not having one has lead me to developing bad habits. She pretty much told me I shouldn't sing at all without years of proper training; in other words, said my vocals sucked! My techniques are full of bad habits. I need help analyzing them and figuring out what I can do to release the tension and build a stronger, healthier voice--that much is certain--but I am determined to learn the techniques used by a specific singer. Anyways, here is a song of mine for example. I did every part by myself, I also produced it with Cubase LE 5 and Ozone, but I am a crap producer and I don't have great equipment. The vocals are also completely random and nonsensical because I am more concerned about the tone of my voice at the moment and would like to address that before I do any serious song writing.. This song was really just an effort to get myself out there in the first place, but I'm apprehensive to advertise myself because of the quality of my voice. Here are a few more random examples. Clip C isn't my backing track...just to clarify. It's only for an example. I'm bothered by this in a few ways. For one thing, there's no smoothness in my tone. For another, I'm shouting at times. I am actively aware of my diaphragm and attempting to further naturalize my reaction to breath down into it, but the control seems to be an issue...I've heard that I need more breath while singing higher, but I can't separate myself from pushing the notes and it actually seems like I'm using less air...I feel like the only thing that sounds good most of the time is my distorted belts.. It should probably be worth mentioning that I had a background in metal too. I was unable to learn my screaming method under a I think I may be fry screaming and I've heard that was bad as well. Could that be relative to my incorrect executions of belted distortion? I am very fond of the distorted belt, one used by my favorite singer, Jonny Craig. This song here is amazing, it's my goal to be able to sing this correctly without strain in my own unique voice. But, I would be content with starting off this song correctly without strain to build up to more challenging techniques. I am under no disillusion that I can make my voice sound like his. However, I want to be a better singer, and I am determined to reach this magnitude of greatness. The only problem is that I'm broke, although I have a job, and live in a very plain area in Missouri that harbors very few musicians or coaches who can help me achieve these goals. I live about an hour away from St. Louis. If I knew of a coach there that could help me out, that might be a decent start. I could probably even take some exercises and run with those. Most of my equipment can run my voice back into my headphones, which gives me a good representation of my overall tone, which helps me decipher where I can improve...this has actually helped me improve dramatically in the past week or so. Thank you in advanced for your services! I'm looking forward to hearing your critiques.
  21. Hey all I have never been a natural in using distortion, my voice has always been clean. I never use distortion when I speak, and I feel like I can't yell like most people can. Like... I just can't yell, lol I've been playing around with my voice and I found this coordination. I believe I'm finally getting the hang on how to adduct the false folds isolating them from my vocal folds. Here's the example: I used to get the sound with a very heavy mass phonation, and I was unable to bridge, blocked the air completely and most of the time, it ended up in tickles or some nasty feeling, so I avoided doing that Hetfield kind of grit. Now I found this lighter approach, where I finally could get just a hazy, comfortable distortion and I could get it higher and bridge normally. It doesn't affect my voice and in fact it leaves my high range quite clear, as I also show in the clip ( it is tyring in my voice though if I do it too much, though, which is normal I guess ) It's still hard to get it on my higher range, it is there, but barely noticeable. The sensation is there, so that's the important part I think haha I plan on practicing this on the area between C4 and G4, as it is where I feel it easier to get, and also a safer range for me if I do something wrong. Also, I will try to take out the air as much as I can from everything, to avoid dehyration and keep it "safer" I guess. Some phonations in there are very breathy I know, but they served the purpose. To people that have more experience with this kind of thing, I'd like to ask. Do you think I'm planning this the right way? Thank you in advance, guys
  22. For a long time, I have been practicing to have similar technique to this vocalist. Mind you, I do not wish to sound exactly like him, I know that's not possible, but I would like to better understand his techniques and vocal flexibility. Over the past five years, I have accomplished his range and some use of techniques, but as you will hear in the recording at the bottom, my formant and vocal flexibility are lack luster. This has been hard to fix for me. Part of my formant problem is me finding the spaces in my voice where I sound my best. And, due to imperfect technique, I get tired very quickly. This is the song I am singing. Below is the same song with me singing over it. You should be able to hear it pretty clearly, how much voice doesn't quite have the same overtones, yet, it seems like our vocal tones are within the same ballpark. You can hear my voice get so, so tired after a while. Sometimes I sound mouthy and muddled whenever I feel like I sound so much brighter or warmer. I am unsure of what to be looking for. I want to be a performer. This doesn't sound very healthy to me. Please help me to understand where my voice needs to be worked on. Thank you.
  23. Hi, i was trying to sing this and i don't know if i am doing it exactly right. I feel i am using alot of weight which i am trying to reduce the higher i go. Any critique are welcome.
  24. Been going through a lot of 90's singers respective discographies, found the French version of this song and then the Spanish version which was recorded later on in the 2000's. [There's also an Italian version sung by a male Italian singer apparently?] Sang it a fifth below the original Spanish version linked below. Not all of the lyrics in the video are correct, I think but it's right for the most part. Found that it was easier to lighten the top notes of the last few choruses instead of bringing all the weight up. Any and all feedback welcome.