Foundation Building Routine on Acoustic Guitar

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I am also a guitarist. So I found that going to the music room, and using the microphone is great. But a lot of the time, my guitar is sitting right next to me and is really convenient. So after doing the foundation building routine exercises, (And I can tell you because I record them) exactly 34 times, using the files from The Four Pillars Of Singing course. I have gotten to know them very well. This includes the melodic fifth sirens, which on a guitar is just a basic bar chord. So the top string of your bar chord is the first/start note, and the second string in your bar chord, is your 5th. I have found that it is quite helpful. As you get to practice your scales on the guitar (Or any other instrument I guess), and so therefore your understanding of where notes lay on the guitar, at the same time as training, and warming up your voice. So obviously you could apply this to an electric guitar, or any other instrument, and then still use amplification for your voice. It's early days for me, having only completed the "Foundation Building Routine" 34 times. But I will experiment more with this idea, as I progress further into "The Four Pillars Of Singing", and at this stage feel it will be helpful.  If anyone has any advice, or thoughts regarding this idea. Please share. 

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Are you simply asking if you can use a guitar to give yourself cues for the workouts?  If that is what you are asking, then the answer is yes, of course... that is fine. But be sure to work with the recorded mp3 files as well. You want to train both... cue yourself, preferably on a keyboard.. but guitar is fine... and train with the keyboard.

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