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Draven Grey

Head/Mixed/Belt, big thank you.

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I've been teaching a lot of new students lately, so haven't had time to dive into the course as much lately. Granted, I've been teaching the onsets in more of a TVS way now, and have noticed a big improvement on helping my student's get results even faster than before, not just that but pinpoint issues extremely fast too. For myself, it has given me a lot more control over my voice as well, but in ways I didn't know were even an issue. This is exactly the type of program I've been looking for, since I feel I'm already pretty advanced in my singing.

I'm writing this just to say thank you for one thing in particular. After learning the lift up/pull back technique, using TVS coordination onsets, and even contract & release (although I overused it at first, ouch, lol!), my opened up my voice more than I thought possible. Before, I could easily sing a C5, even up to an E5 while belting, but only for about 30 minutes before feeling some fatigue. I could even belt up to a G#5 for a very short period. With the fatigue, I figured I was pushing too hard, but didn't know another way. So, with the new album being written, I simply started writing and altering my songs to stay lower in pitch than that.

After practicing TVS methodology, I quickly realized just how much a belt is truly just head voice with TA being added. With this realization, I could suddenly control the volume and pressure of my belting much more than before. I can belt the E5 for hours now. To be clear, I know the difference in sensation and sound from a true belt vs. falsetto with twang or added harshness. I haven't ventured much above that, since I currently still fight the urge to push. The last time I belted the G#5, I was teaching a soprano a certain song, and didn't realize how high I was singing until it started hurting 15 minutes in. Then it was too late, I had pulled a muscle and it took me 3 months to recover. Needless to say, I'm overly cautious about belting above the E5 now. Not that I normally sing anything that calls for anything higher than that anyway. 

I'm very excited about this discovery, and I'm looking forward to the lesson on belting to refine it even more. Thank you for taking the pressure off my upper belt range. This will be extremely important as The Silent Still begins to tour our Rock Circus Masquerade production at the end of this year.

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