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3 hours ago, ronws said:

This is really good. You started out shaky and then found a good stride about halfway through. Here is how to solve the shakiness. Quit speaking the words. Sing them. That means staying with the vowel sounds that are working for you on the chorus and the bridges when you are doing the main verses. That is, sing the melody line, rather than reciting prose in however you would normally speak English. For example, your pronunciation of "through" has an oo sound that that is affecting the note. Relax that back to more of an uh or short oo sound.

Here is a little trick you can try. Pick a vowel shape like ee. Then sing and hold a note wherever you like and articulate the lip movements for the letters a, b, c, d, and e, with minimal to no movement of the tongue. Record that and listen. And i bet you will hear those letters even while you were maintaining one vowel shape. You have to sing differently from how you speak.

This song is absolutely perfect for you because it sounds good in your voice. It is also a good song for you because the melody ranges so far and the vocal style ranges from an almost choir-like dirge to a rock scream sound. And it will also serve as a litmus test for your improvement. Keep doing this song at different stages to gauge your changes.

Can't you tell this is a cut above all else that I've posted on here, though? The vowels just sound right. I still have no definitive answer for why that is. I can objectively listen to this and say "this is a huge improvement"

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More improvement. In the headvoice, my vowels were too throaty, impeding my ability to go higher. In particular, changing the "ah" vowel to more forward resonating has improved my headvoice greatly. 

"Got Me Wrong" by AIC 


"Creep" by STP 


"Room a Thousand Years Wide" by Soundgarden (this one's a bit tricky to play guitar and sing to, with the 6/4 time and all, so forgive my inconsistent playing)



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