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I've been training with the foundation building routine religiously for the past week and I'm phonating really great  sirens with Embuchore and larynx dampening. But during the sirens there seems to be two routes my voice can take as it rises in frequency. One route is into an airy falsetto, the other is a more stable chesty/twangy sound that I'm now able to carry up to b#4. My question is which route do I take? Am I pulling chest? Is that bad?


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Hello Garrett, 

Thanks for sharing your training progress with the community. 

You have to appreciate that in order to give you the best answer, I need to hear what your doing. Do if you would like to do a review on the Review Your Singing forum, you can paste in a link of you doing the sirens. I would love to hear it and give you more accurate feedback. Having said that, without hearing it, I would lean towards training with the more connected configuration/sound. Ultimately that is the direction we are all going, so keep nudging the voice and motor skills in that direction. 

Another thing you should consider is taking a lesson with me to really get a push forward in what your doing. I am pleased to hear that it is working for you and you sound like a good, disciplined student. KEEP GOING!

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