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Hogne Kirkebø

Feedback on singing

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Hi everyone. Here is two songs of me singing. One pop classical and one classical. I haven't done any singing in many years and I got called by my former vocal coach if I could step in on short notice and we had two 1,5 rehearsals and I did these two songs. My range singing classical is usually around E2 to C5 Any feedback is appreciated. One teacher said I'm actually a tenor and that I am doing something unnatural with my voice. One said I'm a lyrical baritone One said I'm a low baritone And one said I can develop to a bass baritone. Links:






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Regarding "Broken Vow".

- I think you should have the song memorized enough to not hold the music. You are not in a choral group.

- If you can't do that, put it on a music stand.

- your voice is lovely,... 

- You should work on getting in straight and clean with your onsets. Your onsets / starts hit low and scoop. Most people do this, be one of the rare people that is aware of this problem and doesn't do it.

- I don't think you're a baritone. You sound more like a tenor or lyric baritone, similar to my voice.  But regardless of that, contemporary vocal techniques don't focus on vocal fach classifications and I highly advise that you don't fixate on that. 

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