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Ryan Conway

Am I singing distortion correctly?

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When I sing I like to put an extreme distortion sound on for fun, and I think I've always been able to naturally do it. I have read about it being harmful if done incorrectly and not utilising the false vocal chords, so I am curious if I'm using my throat or not to produce the sound. It's not uncomfortable to do but If I do it quite strongly for a while my throat does feel somewhat dry / warm, so I tend to stop when that sets in. If I was to describe how I do it I'd say its like a screaming whisper but done in speaking voice.

Here is a recording from me messing around online ruining peoples ears and then singing straight after without it
(This is quite loud)

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really cool!, for me this is a mix of 3 distortion types, false folds, creaking (vocal fry dragged up in range which is done on the true folds), and arytenoid rattle distortion :) 

i wanna congratulate you, you found a really cool sound, that a lot of people would like to be able to do!

to answer your post, yes, you are using your throat, but this isnt bad, since -anatomically- you ARE producing those distortions on your throat and it would be impossible to do them in any other part (since it is done with the true & false vocal chords, and with the arytenoids vibrating, at varying degrees, at the same time). if it isnt uncomfortable, it means that it is well coordinated and efficient in regards to the distortion + throat shape + support, so if it feels good, keep doing it like that, and maintaining the sensation you found for this distortion, you are doing great!

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Hi Ryan!

First, I must confess, I'm not as familiar with some of the terms geran89 is using. However, I would agree it sounds as though you may be using "true folds" in some of your vocal effects. I agree with geran89 that you should be wary of any discomfort.

I thought I would leave a comment since many years ago I had the same questions you have. I did a lot of experimentation and research to discover what it really meant to be able to sing with distortion, rasp, grit, etc. and not cause any damage.

I would underscore two main ideas as answers to your questions which I discovered made all the difference for me in being able to apply said vocal effects without damage or strain.

1- appaggio - without proper support of the breath, NO distortion technique will effectively avoid damage or discomfort.

2- Never with "true cords" - only false cord distortion will avoid damage. (only one exception - refer to #1).

Good Luck dude!


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