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muddy waters cover

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Blues Guy!

Welcome to The Modern Vocalist World!

- Is that guitar tuned correctly? Double check your tuning of that "fiddle".

- I like the sort of "grittyness" of your song and singing.  Very Appalachian Mountain... 

- I think for the style of this song, your singing is cool and works. 


- As always with all songs, pay more attention to your intonation, it is a touch pitchy. Just be more aware of it.

- Try to work on adding a touch more vocal twang ( compression on your vocal folds ) to get a bit more amplified energy in this.

Training on "buzzed" nasal consonants will help bring your voice back to life a touch more.

Nice job, I think its cool... tune your git-fiddle and twang more and throw up another round for us to listen to!


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Yes Bluesguy it would. I definately think you would do just fine with this in an open mic. situation. Like I said, I think it was cool.

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