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Whitney Houston - "I Have Nothing" - Need your inputs

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My daughter is 9 yrs old, likes to sing, she tries her best to take part in any singing opportunity that she gets.

I would like to get some valuable and honest inputs from experts here about her singing.

what can be done to improve here singing ability and voice quality. 

What kind of songs should she be singing  when it comes to competition / performances, specially the songs that  can increase her chance of securing better position in  singing competition.

Looking forward for your valuable inputs.







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Hello Avinash,

I can't listen at this very moment, but I will tonight or tomorrow. I am back to back teaching today.

Welcome to our community.


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Your kid is cute.

And I can confirm for you that she has a gift for singing. You are not delusional or just the "over zealous parent". For her to even DARE to try to sing this song at 9 years old, and then actually ... sort of pull it off, is impressive. 

It does need a lot of work, but that doesn't hide the fact that for her age, there is something here that is promising.

For example:

- Here pitch is not perfect, but for her age and the difficulty of this song, not bad. About 80% in.

- Notes such as at 1:40, are very nicely resonant and pretty. Foreshadowing what she could do with a more mature voice , more consistently. 

- She seems to have a rather darker tone to her voice which is unusual for girls. Girls tend to be very shrill and it is nice to NOT be hearing that ear piercing shrill from a little girl, but some more warmth from her sound color. Again, another hint at potential here.

As far as competing for talent shows are concerned, I think she could be competitive IF she trained and got serious. Does she have a voice coach? Without professional coaching and someone to really raise the bar to prepare for auditions, she would not be competitive. I believe she can do it, but you and your family are going to have to make a decision to commit to hard work and serious training, not just singing songs for fun. Is she ready to make singing her "job" and study it like she does homework at school?  If so, she has a chance.

I am available to help you and your daughter if you are looking for a qualified coach. I have a training program that would do a lot to clean things up and get her stronger and more serious about what she is doing. Feel free to give me a call or send me a private email.

I hope this helps.

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