I finally got Four Pillars BUT...

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...I'm a little bit confused.

I ordered it from the following link,

but bought it from another company selling through Amazon, namely SuperBookDeals


On receiving the book I was surprised to find no CDs. The description states there are audio and video demonstrations of the exercises but all I got was the book. I was expecting to receive the full package. However, the book itself doesn't have any empty wallets inside the covers where I would expect CDs to be stored. Can somebody confirm that this book is intended to be sold with CDs and/or DVDs as I want to be sure before I send it back to the company and reorder it from a more reliable supplier.



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Hi Anthony,

The Book was just picked up by an international, on-demand printer and distributor that is distributing the book into God knows how many retail outlets now. Which I suppose is a good thing, but the deal went through only about two weeks ago, so some of the information that is "fed" out to the retailers is slow going... and you can't imagine what a headache it has been working with the main retailer, to get things right. Anyways, my point is... things are a little bit in a transition right now. The description across all networks needs to be updated to point out that the $49 offer is only the book and is not the complete training system with all the videos and media.

To be clear, the $49 ( or currency exchange equivalent ) is ONLY the hard copy book. I could never offer the complete program, for $49. Im glad you have a hard copy because its a lot easier to read then a 616 page PDF! So you are on the right track... NOW you need the training content.

If you look inside the book, toward the front of the book and again before the training routines, there is a page that explains that the training content is found at an online, web based system which is currently here:  You will find a discount code that accounts for the hard copy purchase. The total investment for the complete "The Four Pillars of Singing" training system is $197. The discount code discounts $50.

For your inconvenience, contact me on private email and Ill give you a different code and sweeten the deal for you a bit more the $50 because of the confusion. 

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