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Hi guys,i just got the 'Four Pillars of singing' 

i really enjoying it and its having a lot of information!!!!

when im practicing bridgine im starting at the 'e' tone above middle c and making a siren to octave e

i success bridging but its a little bit loud ..any maybe little tension in the throat..

how can i make it better?


thanks alot !!

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I am just getting to this...

When did you purchase "The Four Pillars of Singing"?

I don't understand your question really, can you try again... also, please embed a link so we can hear what you are doing.

Lastly, why are you starting your sirens from E4?  That is too high to be starting your workouts, especially for a beginner. you need to be starting from C3 or G3 , which is where the solo piano workouts start. This leads me to believe you are not training with the content that you purchased? 

What are you doing?

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