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    • Hello, Thank you for the feed back in my last post!! It’s really helped. Here’s another one a few months apart please tell me what you think. B47C05E1-8E8C-43DD-9A89-920536581557.MOV  
    • I have a protruding jaw (genetic) and I am considering getting double jaw surgery or ASO. My mouth looks a bit weird when I sing and I feel like my range should be higher, but I'm a bit afraid that double jaw surgery or ASO will mess up my voice instead. Any thoughts?    So thankful to discover this group! 
    • I'd love to know your thoughts  
    • I kind of wish people would make up their minds about how to sing certain songs. Is it Chest voice that is pushed and supported or Mixed voice or supported falsetto with rasp. Even vocal scientists cannot tell you HOW a certain singer is getting his sound. And how YOU would or could get a similar sound depends on your level of training and how you create your own sound when singing. I would not worry about Ed's particular rasp, that could just be from a certain characteristic of HIS vocal cords. Sing like you sing. Listen to yourself often and change what does not sound to your liking. You may find that your own voice has characteristics that Ed would be jealous of down the line.....
    • Hello! Well, just about that song, I showed it to a couple of vocal teachers that I had, and one thing they both pointed out is that Ed sings it all in chest voice. I think that is the reason why he sounds so "raspy". It is a really high pitch for singing in chest!! But Ed manages. My teachers say that he must end up really tired after singing that song.
      Anyway, maybe some kind of belting (based on mixed voice) could make a similar effect, and without needing Ed's register. Oh, and I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of Ed having edited the pitch after the recording... As far as I know, that is common.
    • Hi all, Here's a cover I'm doing just for fun (good backtrack, makes it sound much better): Any comments will be much appreciated Cheers    
    • Hello
      I am having real trouble finding my falsetto, I can't make that effortless sound, it is always strained. I was always able to make a voice that I thought was falsetto, but I got to the conclusion that is flageolet instead. I got really used to it and it is relaxed, and really sounds like falsetto, but I think it isn't falsetto mainly because:
      - It isn't connected to chest voice. I know sometimes it's difficult to connect head and chest voice, but this is extremely disconnected, it is a different world.
      - I am able to transition smoothly from whistle to this flageolet. Not trying hard at all, just lowering the pitch from whistle, I end up in this voice. Demo: So, an example of this strained 'falsetto', in a moment with the voice quite tired (so that the strain is noticeable):
      Same song, in flageolet (I know it sounds a lot like a falsetto):
      An example of a song, in falsetto, that sounded better, in a moment my voice wasn't that tired: (Yes, I like Ed Sheeran XD). This is as close to a relaxed falsetto that I can get.

      So, any advice on how to find that relaxed falsetto? Maybe I am still unable to do it because I have those muscles untrained? I've tried yawning, making the sound of an owl, or Mickey Mouse's voice... Everything is strained. Any advice, or exercise?

      Thank you in advance Whistle to flageolet.mp3 Strained falsetto.mp3 Flageolet.mp3
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