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    • Nice work, beautiful voice. Your a good singer! Here is some feedback... watch that vibrato! Your vibrato sometimes oscillates too much. Its too wobbly. This is a very common issue with a lot of singers, so don't feel funny about it. Sort of a normal thing we all work on sooner or later. For a singer with your capabilities, it is easy to fix. Just try singing your songs with a straight tone for a while until you can reduce that vibrato. I am not advocating that you stop vibrato. NO!.. I am saying that it is too much, too strong... it needs to be more subtle.  Know that this has little to do with the physiology of your voice or physical training issues. It is about 90% to do with the "noise" in your head. It is a mental, visualization and awareness issue. You are unaware of it. If you start listening FOR IT, you will begin to STOP DOING IT. You have to first be aware and then start listening to make the change. It will be difficult at first because the vibrato habit is very hard to fix, but the more you do it, the more your aware, the faster it will chill out and go away. Hope this helps. TVS Voice Training Course for $20!
    • You have a lovely voice. It’s raw at the moment but those raw materials are there. You have a nice tone too, with a lovely speaking voice- this is an excellent start. Your sense of pitch is good! However when you do go off I believe there’s one reason...and I’m going to go into it a lot but please please please do not see that as a bad thing. You have a good voice and have the potential to be a very good singer but everyone starts somewhere (trust me you’re further along than I was!!) For you I honestly feel you need to RELAAAAAX! You’re pushing a lot, I can see it in your chest and overall mannerisms. You’re physically moving forward when singing and your hand is in your chest- you’re making sure you’re using you chest voice and your diaphragm is moving, right? Right? Am I right? This is not the be-all and end-all of singing. After you read this I want you to go find Michael Buble singing this song on YouTube and watch his body carefully and pay attention to how long he is holding the notes/words in the phrases. This song should be relaxing, the phrases should be legato and smooth. Maybe you were nervous? Maybe you felt you needed to push to get the sound out, but you honestly don’t! Because you’re pushing your phrases tend to be stilted and punchy rather than elongated and smooth. It’s also, believe it or not, probably making it harder for you to get the notes out in the first place! Tension when singing it what you want to avoid.  Good way to start is to speak the song first- literally just speak the lyrics in your natural tone/key as a speaker. This is your golden space for singing where everything else stems from. You open your mouth from there to get a louder sound or narrow it to become more quiet. The way you sing vowels comes into it too but you’ll get to that later. You don’t need to force any sound out - you want a smooth, consistent sound that’s stable and sustainable. Not just in jazz but in all singing.  I highly reccommend that you watch some of my vocal coach’s reactions On YouTube, his name is Sam Johnson:
    • Hey guys! I posted a few tracks a few years ago and I got a lot of great, helpful feedback that has really helped me with singing, particularly using mixed voice. I wanted to post a song I recently re-covered. I first recorded it a few years ago. here is the new here is the old:    Hopefully you guys can hear a difference? And I’d love notes on further things I need to do to improve if anyon me has time?  Thank you so much! 
    • This is ok, You see to have a nice voice, more importantly, you have potential. The best advice I can give you is to train your voice. Get in touch with a training program that will show you routines you can practice to get stronger. What you are doing in this recording is super easy and not very challenging. To sing the hard stuff, you'll need to train. Become a Great Singer: Your Complete Vocal Training System
    • hii im looking for any opinions on how i sound and what i could improve on thank u!
    • Hi folks! I suddenly found out myself in this topic and it seems like I'm late for about a year, but still I have feedback to your words and instances regarding Roy's technique. I have to affirm that much of the sound is made by EQ, reverb, but the main tone color is very hard to repeat for someone else I believe. Mainly because of Roy Khan is semi baritone - semi tenor vocalist. He has bright and high start with average thickness and darkened head tone below the bridge, enriched with the chest impact indeed. But the trick is not just in the color. I firmly believe that his voice shines in phrasing because he makes ongoing whole phrase that pour up and down with mixing resonators parts. The examples above were mistaken, cause you folks have lower or\and crispy voices and in chest part your voices are swinging too much. The voice should be narrow or thin, that's why reverb makes the holiday with it. Also I have to highlight that you can easily catch up the thing if you're familiar with academic singing. Because Roy makes the sound round, darkened and the most challenging little thing is his thinning to pianissimo notes that are above the bridge. I occasionaly have similar vocal cords to sing in his key tune if not the timbre. Tommy Karevik is a weak vocalist in my subjective view for Kamelot. He is tenor and cannot sustain thick high notes, although he does imitate the tone, but his voice is higher actually and sounds poorer. Tenor voices shine at heights, not at low notes, whatever they do. Here are my samples to some kamelot songs that you can check. They comply with Roy's tone. Maybe I'll add some challenging song parts if you'll be interested in it. I have been singing for ten years or more and sorry but that was recorded on laptop mic, but still decent for a sudden attempt.
    •   I would really appreciate some feedback and advice on my rendition of Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra! 
    • Alexis, this voice sounds mature to be a 17 year old. Possibly too mature.  In any case, the glissando octave sweeps are landing a bit flat. But again, I question that this is actually a 17 year old, that doesn't sound like a 17 year old voice. Nice to have you. Coach Robert.
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