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    • I'm not by any means an expert so I am hoping others will weigh in, but focusing on recovering your body is something that can't hurt....keeping a humidifier going, avoiding dairy products, drinking a lot of water and teas with lemon and honey, and protecting yourself from vocal fatigue....just a thought, anyways
    • Hi all! I have a voice student that is a 12 year old girl, and she and her parents insisted on singing a song that goes all the way up to a high F#. In her warmups, she is able to hit the notes. I typically don't like stretching a child into this range, but they were insistent. Several weeks in, she came to a lesson excited-she sang it, and it sounded beautiful, but she wasn't using any head voice at all, and her voice gave out several times as I listened to her singing.  I immediately told her to slow down, that we needed to back up and add some head voice into the mix because pulling the chest voice up that high isn't safe-hence the reason her voice was giving out. So for several weeks I have been trying to get her to do a lot of head voice exercises, especially several Lindquest ones. The exercises sound fine-the song, not so much. Her parents are not happy, because they fell in love with the sound she had made at the beginning. They have since hired a second voice teacher to work with this specific song. Any words of advice? Is my gut feeling of what was going on accurate, or would there be another reason she could do those high notes, as they said, "effortlessly", even though her voice was blowing out?
    • I would just like some honest feedback please...    
    • No one hears themselves the same "in their head" as they do when listening to a recording. Record yourself listen to it, note the faults, readjust and rerecord. Repeat, rinse, repeat........    If you record using headphones, that can also "change' what you hear in your head as opposed to what is coming out of your mouth. Some people end up singing flat when using head phones. Any way the answer is to practice, record often and readjust until the ear and muscle memory are retrained.
    • Hello from the Pacific Northwest! I've been playing acoustic and electric guitars now for 50+ years and since I retired I'm playing more than ever! I joined this forum so I can get advice from folks that are having similar experiences as I am...  good or bad. Thanks in advance to all those that contribute constructive advice for me to further my fantastic journey!
    • Hi Everyone! I can't figure out how Ed adds that raspy, kind of distortion thing to his voice on high notes (G#-A#). The Best Example is a chorus of his song Dive.... It's driving me crazy, I've been trying to imitate, I've been asking some vocal coaches... nothing, for the past half a year... Please, if you have a hint, may be you've seen a video on YouTube regarding this... Appreciate in advance!
    • Hello, I've come here to ask for some advice. I've been afflicted with an unknown illness that made me cough for a five weeks. Right now, it's very minimal and I'm doing my best to make sure it goes away, but I found that I'm unable to reach notes I used to be able to reach before this unknown illness. Is this permanent? Is there nothing I can do about it? Please help, I have a recital coming in 10 days and I can't sing in my current state.
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