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5 Steps to Momentum on the Evolutionary Path of Living the Dream

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The biggest question I hear over and over again from all of you is not how to make music, it's ow to gain momentum how to Live the Dream. One thing I'm talking about as of late (catch my soon-to-be-podcast here) is the Evolutionary Path you are on. First, be aware of where you are on the path and second, prepare yourself for battle nothing great is ever created without a good fight.

Recently we shot a video series that we're releasing in February to help you gain this momentum and when I asked my music industry colleagues what is the one quality they notice in artists who break through it's that they have this warrior like quality they stand their ground.

You've probably heard me talk about the Pendulum. There is a Giant Pendulum in the music biz that swings slowly back and forth like a big hand sweeping across time. What you don't want to do is chase the pendulum by chasing the current musical trends of the day. It's a tendency artists have because we all like the new sounds and new directions. But the thing is, by the time YOU are in a position of influence (the year or two it takes to get the record out) the pendulum will have swung by and that flavor of the day is over. And then all of a sudden you are yesterday's news.

Instead, you want to stand still, be yourself and wait until the pendulum swings your way because it will. And chase trends they make trends.hopefully if the stars align, you'll be the one with the new sound when that light strikes you. But not if you are always running after it. This is a tough thing as an artist but it is that warrior-like quality that great brands have. They stand their ground they don't change their direction because someone said no to them. They define themselves, they don't

Music is like fashion you don't want to be caught dead in last season's clothes but the only way to outfox everyone is to be a visionary and that means you don't try to please people, you try to find out who you are and produce your greatest art. The only real way to do that is to be YOU. Alexander McQueen did not chase trends he followed his vision. He studied and learned, but ultimately he followed his own impulses until his art reflected what he envisioned.

That said, the next thing is to know where you are on the Evolutionary Path and fill in the missing blanks. You might be surprised what you unintentionally left out.

The 5 Steps to Momentum on the Evolutionary Path of Music Victory:

Momentum is fueled by your Mission which is your Why. Why do you jump through the hoops you do every day to live the dream? Without your Why, you will fall flat or lose your faith along the way and throw in the towel long before your time comes. Create a stronger Why.Momentum also comes from your Vision of where you are going and who you are serving which comes from your Desire. Add in Action steps and you've got Momentum. Try this Define Your Why further, build your Vision stronger (picture where you are going and who you're going to serve once you're there) and then plan your next Action Steps to Build Momentum.

  1. MISSION. Your Mission in Music is your bedrock. It's what you will call upon when the going gets tough and equally so when the going gets great. Without it you are lost at sea and too susceptible to people pleasing and those with the power of persuasion (not a trait of artists who lead generations). Write out your Mission where are you headed and who are you speaking for (who do you serve).
  2. MANAGE. You are one-part manager whether you realize it or not. Long gone are the days a manager swoops in and rescues you. Even if they do come along or if you currently have a manager you know that you run the race alongside your manager you are the co-pilot or if you are flying solo you are the pilot. So it's time to learn how to fly by learning the ropes. Be your own manager: build your team, grow your following, strategize + plan, study + research, learn time management, how to build your brand, how to grow the right relationships want more? Check this out
  3. MONEY. Money is an essential ingredient on your Evolutionary Path to Living the Dream. Most people have a crap-load of stuff in their way when it comes to Money. Let's face it, it's not easy to do in music. And it's common to have delusions that if you make great music, money will follow. But it's so much more than that. First, you have to reframe your opinion of money and set your brain to attract abundance and that's a huge first step. Too many musicians are mired in a lack mindset or have terrible insecurities that make them freeze. Want help? Check this out. And, once you have your head straight, then you have to be a superhero willing to do whatever it takes to bring home the bacon, and that doesn't mean selling your soul it means being willing to risk and getting creative about your plans. Think of money as energy. What you put out, you get back. It's not evil and it's not only for other people, it's not avoiding you, but you might be avoiding it. Money is readily available if you know how to get it. Make a plan. You can have an abundant life. Just remember, you have to have money to make money, so don't delay. And, you have to be willing to gamble. You have to invest in yourself to make it happen, and that takes commitment and guts.
  4. MINDSET. First off, you've got to be a little bit crazy to be a musician. So don't worry about your mental health. You're the nutty one, the black sheep you'll always be left of center. If you like to do things by the rules you're definitely not reading this. So embrace it. But if you don't have it right on the inside, you ain't gonna get it right on the outside. Want more? Click here.
  5. MUSIC. To be a musician is to Live the Dream. No matter where you are on your Evolutionary Path, it is perfect right where you are. One foot in your experience so far, one in the present moment and your third eye fastened on the future. Aim your arrow. Don't give up and you might just get there.



Where are you on your Evolutionary Path to Living the Dream? What did you learn from this blog post? Leave comments below!

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