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Achieving the Rockstar Performance of Your Life

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Consider for a minute, live performances. What's the best live music show you've ever seen? Can you remember your first moving concert experience?

What was it about that performance that made it so special?

Most likely it was energy that was generated. It was the connection that you felt between yourself and the artist. It was that magic that was created.

That's the goal of any rockstar live performance to generate energy. It's to facilitate a connection between yourself and the other person.

Shakespeare said, All the world's a stage. A great rockstar understands this on the deepest level: Your live performance is your entire life performance.

I believe that a live performance happens anytime you're in front of other people. This certainly happens when on stage, but can also take place in any interaction during the day. Live performances happen all day long. We live in a moment to moment existence.

At any given moment, there are opportunities to connect with others, to share things about ourselves and to be curious about another's point of view. In the last line of their song Can't Stop, the Red Hot Chili Peppers say, This life is more than just a read-through. The song is all about overcoming the things we're addicted to and living in the moment. Today is the show, right here, right now.

You Already Have Paying Fans

People pay to see you every single day. They pay with their time. They pay with their loyalty and love. If they happen to pay you money, that's a bonus.

You have to come from the standpoint that when you take the stage at your job, by your friend's house, with the love of your life or when you're actually on stage, you've already been paid and it's time to perform.

There's only one question that matters. I want you to put it on a piece of paper, make a hundred copies and plaster your walls with it:


The greatest performances anywhere are about generosity. It's not about money. It's about sharing who you are.

Make Everyone Your Fan by Being a Fan of Everyone

Anyone can rock a stadium if it's packed with screaming fans. Can you rock a supermarket without singing a note?

Keep in mind: stadiums are filled one person at a time. What good things do you hear about stars when someone you know meets them? They were really nice. They were like regular people! They made me feel special. I can't believe I met them!

A live performance is about being grateful for the chance to share something special, whether it's with 1 or 100,000 people.

How do you show it?

Leave people clapping everywhere you go. How do you do that?

Try doing something so beautiful; people want to scream your name.

What if you don't like the job, your boss or the people you work with?

You still give an amazing performance everywhere, because you can. Not because you're having a good day or you happen to like the people in front of you. You want fans for life.

It's that understanding that makes you rehearse endlessly, that makes you think of ways to make their experience with you something special. Right now there are millions of people waiting to discover someone they can be a fan of.

Are you the one they're waiting for?

The next time you're in front of someone, pretend they stood in line for 12 hours in the cold waiting to buy tickets to see you. Pretend they paid $500 for one ticket to your show and they own everything you've ever done. They have a website dedicated to telling the world how great you are. They have posters of you on their wall and they have a tattoo of your name on their arm.

Would you be humbled? Would you be kind? Would you be generous?

Try that a few times at the supermarket or your day job.

You just might hear a few new voices screaming your name.

Excerpt from the newly released book, The Rockstar In You: How to Build Rockstar Confidence, Create Rockstar Style, and Achieve the Rockstar Performance of Your Life.

John Battaglia is the founder and president of Rockstar Image, an image-building and personal coaching firm for artists. He is MTV MADE's Rockstar Life Coach. He's formerly the imaging and marketing agent for Usher, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Eve and many other stars. For more information, visit RockstarInYou.com.


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