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Annie Bananie, you've still got it!

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Every now and then, I sing for my students. Usually, it is a song I want them to work on, so I give them a demonstration. Tonight was no different except that it was different--I was spectacular!! This is not to say that other times I stank, but this time I practiced what I preach.......I got out of my way, got into the words and the tone just soared. The song was "My True Love" by Maury Yeston from The Phantom (the other Phantom.) I'll admit that this song is sort of a self-soarer, so I had Maury's help. Letting go isn't easy, maybe it won't work, I'll sing flat or sharp or nothing will come out at all. These are real concerns that students have reported over the years. They don't trust that "allowing" the sound to happen will result in anything but total loss of control, that is until it happens for them. It's always a "WOW" moment. Then there is the fear it will never happen again. But it will happen again and again and again as technique becomes more and more automatic and you don't have to think so much. I frequently use reverse psychology with my students. they'll come in complaining that they couldn't get a passage right and needed help. I ask them to sing the song and try to recreate the error, 9 times out of 10, the error is gone. Give yourself permission to suck then the pressure is off. Just my experience........I really was GREAT tonight!!


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