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Anthropological Approach to Voice - continued

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As I said last wee, I am engrossed in "Odyssey of the Voice" by Jean Abitbol. At this point, I am totally overwhelmed by information, as Dr. Abitbol takes me on a journey of how voice developed over the millenia. He describes how the eventual upright posture and descent of the larynx over time led to the best physical environment for the development of the human voice. He addresses how the brain dictates how the voice works , and the effects of left and right brain on the voice. I do not want to give away everything in this book, nor am I able short of copying the entire book onto my blog. I think the good doctor would not like that! Get the book!! It is published by Plural Publishing. I am only a third of the way through the book, and I know I will have to reread it frequently to absorb all the information (I have a slow brain!!)



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