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Are Good Singers "Born With It"?

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How often have you heard a good singer, and thought "they were born with abilities and special vocal cords, etc. that I simply don't have." Is this really true, or do we all have a chance to become good singers? Here are some thoughts on this subject:

All of us are born with ten fingers and ten toes and a bunch of other stuff which is needed to keep us alive while on this earth. A very small percent of us come into the world with the special physical equipment to make us great singers. A small percent of these special people become opera or classical singers. However, for those of us who want to become good (or even great) pop, rock, country singers, no special physical equipment is needed. All that is needed are normal healthy vocal cords, lungs, diaphragm, etc. The same as almost everyone else.

So if practically everyone possesses the physical equipment to become a good singer, why aren't all of us on American Idol, or touring with a top selling cd?

(Answer) The great pop-rock-country singer has personality, charisma, attitude and the strong desire and drive to follow their dream. These attributes are are combination of their parental and educational influences, their love of music and entertaining others, and the guts to get out there on stage and "bare it all" in front of others. Of course some top entertainers carried some of these traits into the world at birth, but many did not.

You don't have to be "born with it." (the ability to sing well).

When I use the term "pop" I'm speaking of any music which isn't operatic or classical. This includes rock, country, musical theatre, gospel and many other genres other than opera-classical.

So why do so few of us actually become good pop singers?

1. This isn't a strong enough desire in our priorities.

2. We are shy, inhibited and unable to communicate our feelings. (This can be fixed)

3. We believe that we can never sing well. (This can be changed)

4. We simply don't enjoy sharing our feelings with others. (This is hard to overcome, but most things can be changed with practice.)

5. We justify our failure by believing we had to be "born with it" (This is a cop-out)

6. Your voice sounds "terrible," and you can't sing on pitch. (Take some lessons)

To sum this up: If you possess normal, healthy vocal equipment, can learn to be an outgoing, charismatic person who is not afraid to share feelings and emotions with strangers, don't mind working and studying to improve your singing you can become a good singer of pop music.

So get with it.

Al Koehn

(I invite you to download my free ebook, SINGNG IS SERIOUSLY SIMPLE, available on my website: http://vocalvision.com)


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