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Bel Canto - The Secret Exposed

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Singing Secrets From The Ancient Past Are DEAD! 

https://www.thefourpillarsofsinging.com/reviews/. Visit the world's highest rated vocal training program! One of the problems with “Bel Canto” is that it is a term that a lot of voice teachers use because it sounds interesting. “Bel Canto” sounds serious or, as if it is the ultimate in singing techniques or possesses the secrets of singing from a time long forgotten! Unfortunately, “Bel Canto” has become a “buzz” word that people use to impress students, simply stated.

“Bel Canto” just means beautiful singing? It essentially is referring to a style of singing that has a lot of legato in it, that came from a specific region of Italy in the 18th century. Thats it, there is nothing magical about “Bel Canto”, unless you are led to believe that it is something more then what you could get with any other good teacher.  Don’t believe me? Here is wikipedia’s definition.

Wikipedia States:

Bel canto (bel-canto) (Italian, “beautiful singing” or “beautiful song”), along with a number of similar constructions (“bellezze del canto”/”bell’arte del canto”), is a term relating to Italian singing. It has several different meanings and is subject to a wide variety of interpretations.

“Bel Canto” and is unfortunately used as a marketing “buzz” word too often and in many regards, there is nothing particularly unique about it.  I can call many of the things I teach at The Vocalist Studio, “Bel Canto” and so can many other good teachers. Any good teacher that teaches legato and appoggio and beautiful resonance can call themselves “Bel Canto” or could claim that they are teaching “Bel Canto”.

So this simple less is, do not be fooled that “Bel Canto” means something “high brow” or a set of techniques that come from the ancient past when people were more wise and magical. The truth is, there has never been a time in the history of voice training where there has been more innovation, understanding and great techniques to help singers then the present. I would much rather be training my voice in the present era, then in the ancient past. For sure!

Bel Canto is not a rare, ancient method of singing that supersedes anything that The Four Pillars of Singing is not already offering, or any other great vocal training program. Be careful not to get bamboozled by the “Bel Canto” buzz word hype. https://www.thefourpillarsofsinging.com/reviews/

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