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Boone's approach to voice therapy Symptomatic voice therapy.

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This letter will shed some light on: Boone's approach to voice therapy Symptomatic voice therapy.


Boone provides a series of techniques that encourage changes in vocal behavior. The first step is to diagnose those vocal behaviors that need to be modified or eliminated.

Boone's Techniques:

Altering tongue position begin with whispered production and move to voiced production.

Changing loudness building a range of loudness.

Ear training Working on pitch,
loudness and quality of voice.

Eliminating abuse of voice loudness and quality

Eliminating hard glottal attacks.

Establishing a new pitch.

Feedback relaxation drills

Voice test see what we got so far?

Yawn-sigh relaxing the vocal cords

Chewing help to reduce vocal hyperfunction

Negative practice 
confront old voice production with new voice production

Open your mouth reduces vocal hyperfunction.

Pitch inflection reduce monotonous speech pattern.

Pushing/relaxation drills vocal cords physiotherapy

Respiration training

Target voice models selecting best voice for production.

I trust you have gained some insight from this educational note.


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