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Caring for the Voice: An Unusual Approach

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Singers and speakers all know, at some point in our careers, we are faced with the challenge of some form of voice loss whether we are sick with a cold or just spent the afternoon yelling at a football game. There can be many different reasons for voice loss, both physical, mental, and even spiritual. Laryngitis is a typical example of voice loss due to physical reasons. You can probably remember a sit com or TV drama or two in which a young character has stopped speaking due to some trauma such as witnessing a crime. That represents the mental or psychological reasons. But what are spiritual reasons for losing one's voice? This can be exemplified by a nun or monk who takes a vow of silence. Or perhaps we are challenged in a way that will help us grow as expressive beings.

Of course, there are many ways to deal with voice loss. We know we can take care of our voices and prevent harm to them with some very simple practices. We can drink plenty of water, abstain from things like smoking and alcohol, get plenty of rest, and rest the voice after strenuous use. Some people like to drink tea with lemon, use throat sprays or suck on horehound candies. All of these things help the physical voice.

But of course, the approach needs to match the reason. While someone experiencing a physical cause of voice loss may well be served by a simple remedy or trip to the doctor, rest, or need to learn new ways of sounding, someone with a psychological condition may need to work with a mental health professional or healer of that sort. Likewise, someone experiencing a more spiritual voice loss may need to take a totally different approach...perhaps one of prayer or meditation.

The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound, is a new work of fiction coming out Jan. 25, 2013 from Roundfire. It's the story of one woman's journey to "find her voice" and begins when Wrenne, the central character, meets a Goddess who teaches her all about the 10 Gates of Sound. At one point, she loses her voice. After helping her discover the root cause of her vocal crisis, her teacher gifts Wrenne with a beautiful Navajo turquoise necklace. So, why that? Why not a pearl necklace or diamond broach?

Every gemstone has its own vibrational frequency and healing properties. Turquoise is one of several 5th chakra or throat center stones. It helps to open and protect our expressive center. In fact, when given as a gift, as is the case in The Unknown Mother, turquoise is believed to bring the wearer protection from negative outside influences. So in gifting Wrenne with her necklace, her teacher is actually bestowing a powerful amulet on her student.

Turquoise is also said to take on the characteristics of the owner. In fact, in the Bon tradition of Tibet, turquoise is considered a soul stone able to hold healing energies for the wearer. So Wrenn's necklace will not only carry the refined level of consciousness from its previous owner, her teacher, but it will also program itself in its service to Wrenne ensuring her ability to communicate her unique message authentically, cleanly, and completely. Furthermore, it will help her control her physical speech, quelling nerves and supporting the vocal apparatus.

In addition, turquoise brings the wearer equilibrium, calms the nervous system, builds one's confidence, and clears self-esteem issues. These are all things Wrenne needs as she relearns to use her voice in this world. There are many additional benefits to wearing turquoise including body detoxification and the lifting of depression.

And as for why the gift is a necklace and not something else entirely? A necklace rests right on the back of the neck and, depending on length, rests somewhere between the throat and heart center to the front. It offers 360 degrees of protection to the 5th chakra and therefore not only connects our speech to our heart, but encircles it with protection.

A turquoise necklace the perfect 5th chakra power object and a perfect gift for a singer or speaker!

You can sign up to win a free copy of The Unknown Mother at the book's website or at Goodreads.


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