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Choosing a Vocal Coach

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As a professional voice coach with solid voice training, I often check out the other voice coaches that are spouting how they can open your voice almost overnight. This should be your first red flag. Anyone, who understands the singing voice as an instrument, understands the mechanics of development and it does not happen overnight.

Most of the body parts that contribute to the vocal instrument are muscles, including the vocal cords. Do you go to the gym and lift 100 lbs. more than you did the day before with some innovative technique or does it take a few weeks to stretch and build the muscle to accomplish this goal? The same can be said about the voice. Immediate results is their way of hooking you and reeling you in to their net.

There are some key factors you MUST ask yourself when selecting a voice coach:

  •  Are they simply singers who have had no reputable training themselves passing on to you their bad habits and unsupported claims of how to improve your voice?
  •  Do they talk a lot about free singing or do they comment on more specific vocal techniques like nasal singing, controlling vibrato, phrasing, breathing correctly, ear training, and enunciation skills?
  •  Do they use the same training to develop the classical voice versus the pop singer or theatre voice? In other words, do they teach it all?
  •  Do they promise immediate results increasing your vocal range?
  •  Do they speak about their techniques in detail or are they vague and ambiguous?
  •  Do they have any formal training or experience with voice therapy or speech pathology?

This is the screening process you must strictly adhere to when selecting a vocal coach. Your vocal cords are a sensitive and delicate instrument that must be used with care in an effort to avoid vocal strain, vocal ailments, and even long-term damage. I have witnessed individuals promote themselves as voice coaches and teachers who are completely inept. Choose wisely.


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