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Christmas 2013 My Heart and My Voice will go on and on

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Christmas 2013 My Heart and My Voice will go on and on On behalf of and by:

Recovered voice Bonella repair client/opera singer from Essex UK, Evie

Given what's written by Evie Bonella below, we could easily make a projection to the rapidly upcoming Year 2014.

The best is certainly yet to come for our very dedicated and extremely focused former voice repair client, Evelyn Bonella.

She still remains to be our client, but now to become a professional opera singer. And, as her voice repair ordeal is finally behind her, nothing will stop us from prospering this beautiful girl full of dreams and hopes to a professional opera world.

We hope that one day soon, she will serenade us, (and the whole world for that matter), with her newly found, beautiful coloratura soprano.

We also know for a fact that she will never experience any vocal problems ever again, as now, Vocal Science technique became her

Hi Diana,

I am writing to thank you for helping me achieve my dreams this year. You made the impossible, possible. I never would have believed over a year ago that I would have recorded 2 songs, started auditioning in London and finished it all off on Thursday at my Christmas showcase singing a top 'C'. My whiskers have grown really strong like a true tigress, and the hours working on Vocal Science technique, have done everything you promised and more! Next week I will be enjoying singing Carols, something I couldn't do last year, yet day by day I have improved and continue to do so with my singing and speaking, it goes to show hard work pays off. I will be enjoying the holidays like never before, with plans to make in the New Year, as more opportunities present themselves, that I am able to pursue.

Wishing the best holidays and a Happy New Year to you and all at the Royans School.

All my heartfelt thanks and love

Evie Bonella


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