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Conventional Speech Therapy Versus Vocal Science Method. What Works and What Is Greater?

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Lately, I'm dealing with a lot of clients young and older with the voice/speech problems.

Most of them spent months and years with speech therapists and speech pathologists.

Some of them have gone to the regular check-ups with their ENT specialists and in the final analysis have not accomplished anything, by having no resolution to their voice problem.

How frustrating could that be?

It is extremely sad for them and their relatives, not to mention that the majority of those poor people, understandably, keep coming in and out of depression.

Some of them lost their professions and their hobbies for that matter, like singing, for example, or playing some sports or even watching some sport or concert events have become a big challenge.

It is usually quite noisy in those venues, and those with voice problems feel even more silent as they cannot compete with the screaming crowd.

Some of them have lost hope, some of them are still researching and looking for the cure or at least for some improvement to their condition.

In some cases the partial or even full recovery is possible, in others the improvement is definitely possible, but the full recovery is only desirable.

Vocal Science techniques voice condition speaking or singing.advocates the maximum improvement of one's

By the virtual fact that the voice via special exercises will be lifted off of the vocal box and restructured to a set of the facial muscles, the release of the neck and chest muscles will be inevitable.

While those facial muscles will be working in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles, the pressure on the vocal anatomy will be also dramatically released.

Now the sufferer will get a, so to speak, vocal rest, by removing the intruder [their own voice] from the dangerous places such as vocal box in general, neck, chest and shoulders.

Once the voice drown so low in its position, the lower anatomy, such as described above, is heavily encaged, not to mention that all of it could cause such diseases and disorders like muscle tension dysphonia, or even spasmodic dysphonia, fibromyalgia and most likely acid reflux.

Due to the low anatomical position, the voice could easily meet the gastric acid and the vocal cords could be burned in no time, thus severe damage to the vocal cords could occur.

The moral of it is: Get away from the vocal anatomy as far as possible to preserve that anatomy for life.

The conventional speech therapy promotes exactly the opposite of the above.

They are working very heavily on already damaged vocal anatomy and in the majority of cases do more harm than good, or more damage than there was originally.

How sad is that?

The sufferer feels now more pain and strain than before and in a lot of times the voice sounds more hoarse than it originally did!

A lot of time, energy and money spent, but the mission was never accomplished.

There is still a voice disorder and very little hope left

The Vocal Science Method is designed to work on a person as a whole.

The approach is completely natural and completely holistic.

The main philosophy of that is to release the vocal box from the pressure of the sound and then heal the vocal anatomy with natural herbs and remedies, while concurrently heal the troubled person hugely affected by the nasty voice disorder, and not only vocally but in any conceivable way.

The Vocal Science Method also recognizes the psychological trauma as well as the vocal trauma, and due to that, needless to say, the holistic/alternative method works with flying colours and evidently produces unprecedented results.


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