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No offense David, but if you are going to attack my industry and belittle the numerous GOOD vocal training programs that are out there and, more importantly, spoil the benefits of training with vocal programs for viewers, we'll have to call you out.


David, the point that you have to work your song into the parts in songs, and to do that slowly is a good point. But to tell people to not invest in a vocal training program is misleading, hypocritical and doesn't enhance your message at all. What added value to add to your video by telling people to NOT train their voices with a training program. Could this possibly be because, ... you don't have a vocal program to offer? Because rest assured, if you did, you would not be saying this. Having spoke to you on the phone personally and gotten to know a little bit about what your motivations are, you wouldn't do that.

Making videos on YouTube, makes you a video voice tip guy, not a voice coach David. Which, I suppose is ok, but you need to firm up your details David. If you had 20 to 30 real students a week, you would understand more about what vocal workouts and training are doing and more importantly, how to use it to help students get stronger. All the "work on the notes and parts in the song" point your making, doesn't mean shit... if you can't sing in pitch, can't get a good onset, know nothing about vowels and resonance, have no endurance, and on and on. Apart from the fact that vocal workouts and scales have been used for over 400 years in the art of singing.

Now for the record, I think we should also let people know that .... you actually bought my vocal program, and you purchased Vendera's program and I suspect others. You have benefitted greatly from our content and ideas, and now you steer your viewers away from the same tools you used yourself?

Seriously? You are a talented guy, you make content that doesn't dish your colleagues and advise you viewers to get less educated about singing can't you? May I suggest that you redo this video and simply make your message, "Slow down and work on parts in your songs, and be sure to not only do vocal training".

BTW: Here are all my client reviews from the TVS training program, www.TheFourPillarsofSinging.com... These are real people folks, that have benefitted greatly from my program. http://www.thefourpillarsofsinging.com/reviews/

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