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Finding you own unique talent and voice

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Once you have found all of your vocal influences for training then listen to how your voice has developed in the start I found all the coaches I was working with I was emulating their approach and style ultimately you need to have your own voice and have it sound more professional with all the techniques of breath control you learn and exercizes. Your own voice will come out better

I found when I am limited on resources I go to get advice free on youtube and am selective practice there.I kept paying into the industry memberships,  workshops, you name it it all kept using my money to improve my career.I got tired of feeding the machine you decide how far and what level you want to be on.I enjoyed singing more when I was in Church and amoung friends and in private circumstances.I am now doing my own thing.Vocalists are helping other vocalists some level to make it affordable.I consider it as an investment that you are rewarding someone's life with your voice.


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