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Fuel Your Singing Voice with the Right Nutrition

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One of my artists who is on The Voice this season shot me an email last week asking about what is the right food to eat prior to performance. I wanted to share this with you, too! Early on I was interested in the impact of food on our bodies and consequently on our voices. The voice being an instrument housed in our body what we feed it makes or breaks how our voice performs.

Here's my Singers' Top Nine Vocal Super-Foods:

  1. Fresh REAL food is superior. Veggies & fruits have more energy because they are living foods singers need energy and oxygen in their blood (which real foods give us). Leafy greens in particular are energy givers: watercress, kale, arugula, spinach (raw not cooked), romaine, mixed greens, broccoli rabe, escarole, etc.
  2. Foods with high water content are hydrating. Hydration from plants is an additional source that adds nutrition, too (8-10 oz. of water, too!). Celery is great for nerves (try a celery or carrot juice the day of or sprinkle some on your salad.) Bok choy is actually a real super-food. And watermelon and melon of any kind is super hydrating for your voice. (I throw some pieces in my water for extra hydration.)
  3. Salads are the best. Dr. Joel Fuhrman (my nutritionist) says make salads your main dish.  I squeeze a little lime or lemon & olive oil or use just a little balsamic. Top with avocado great for lubrication.
  4. Speaking of olive oil, some people swear by it for a little extra lubrication (but use sparingly.)
  5. Fresh squeezed juices! SHAZAAM! (Except no orange which causes reflux.) My favs are carrots, celery (remember, great for nerves), apple, beet, parsley with a smidge of ginger, all those leafy greens (watercress, kale, arugula, spinach raw not cooked, bok choy.)
  6. Strawberries are great for the larynx (notice how it's shaped like the thyroid cartilage love that). Google it you'll find some awesome articles about it.
  7. Broth soups hydrate miso, veggie base (but no tomato or cream base causes reflux.)
  8. Turkey-chicken-salmon: good sources of protein. Stay away from ketchup (too much sugar) and sugar in general depletes energy.
  9. They say carbs the night before a performance give energy sweet potatoes are better than rice or pasta, which turns into sugar.

What foods do YOU find helpful for your voice (actual foods not remedies)? Post here!

Happy Healthy Singing!!

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