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Guidlines for "Articles and Essays"

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In recent weeks, we have been receiving a variety of Articles and Essays that are NOT related to the intent of this feature. Examples of such articles are those which promote advertisements, poetry, outside "websites", and the submission of songs. (Note : In regards to the latter, if you wish to post your songs for review, kindly register in the Forum section and posts your songs for review in the "Review and Critique" section.)

Please.... NO political discussions !

Kindly see the following guidelines for posting Articles and Essays :

"Please publish articles and essays that are educational. Please do not post articles and essays that are only about advertising and promotional in nature. The The Modern Vocalist World Articles & Essays system is intended for the feature of educational content and to give you an opportunity to share your expertise or experience with the TMV community. If your educational contribution results in cross promoting your products and services, that is fine, but a direct solicitation or advertisement with no educational value to the general membership is not in the spirit of the TMV Articles and Essays system. The general rule is, educate first, then feel free to "cross-promote" your products and services, if you like, in a tactful way."

For those who have been posting your articles which fall within our guidelines, we sincerely appreciate your dedication to our entire membership and also encourage you to continue sharing your expertise !!!



Adolph Namlik

Executive Director

The Modern Vocalist World


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