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How Did You Discover How to Sing?

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This week, while singing some Nightwish, I was sitting in front of my computer and I wasn't very focused on what I was doing. Then suddenly, I pronounced a word differently and I ended up forcing my abdominal sangle (I hope you will understand, with my bad english haha!) without really paying attention to it. My sound changed and it wasn't a little ''head voice'' anymore, it became very big and loud. I was shocked. And that is my simple and short story about discovering how to use that muscle and switch my little voice to a huge operatic voice haha (I still need a lot of practice thought, but I am very proud of that step)

So I was wondering, how did all of you discover how to sing, or sing with power? I would like to know if I am on the right track with all of this. Did it happen in a second? Or with a lot of practice?

Thank you!


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